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AUTO MOBILE TRAFFIC Review – Learn How To Generate Automated Mobile Traffic

Product Name: AUTO MOBILE TRAFFIC Software | AutoMobileTraffic
Launch Date
: 12th March 2012
Official Website :
Created By : Ian Ross and Seth B. Benedict
Pricing : $46 with 2 upsells


AUTO MOBILE TRAFFIC REVIEW – Some hours back, I purchased auto mobile traffic software system and training at $47. There are total 2 upsells and I bought both of them without any hassle through their safe payment processing system with money back guarantee. Alright so lets begin this review of auto mobile traffic…

Well, this guy Seth who has created auto mobile traffic system has totally smashed the system simply by making use of his personal mobile phone which everyone has these days. For $46, he is offering his auto mobile traffic software which is quite easy to use and he is also giving the how-to guides for it in case you don’t understand it.

What the automobiletraffic software does is lets you make money online with Amazon and Clickbank simply by combining wordpress, a simple looking mobile site and a crazy algorithm crucially designed to pull in MASSES of traffic.


For auto mobile traffic, YOU:

– DON’T need to pay for any domain name or hosting
– DON’T need to have any previous expertise
– DON’T need to worry about which products to promote
– DON’T need to worry about getting traffic to your site.

Have a look at auto mobile traffic:

Auto Mobile Traffic

Auto Mobile Traffic

So in brief, auto mobile traffic is a software which helps you create a mobile site ready to attract traffic and make you money. These mobile sites are made through some special algorithms which seth created and this software finally lets you create mobile site just like seth does. A totally breakthrough software after I used for some minutes. There is also good amount of training on how to utilize it.

Pretty great stuff, I will give auto mobile traffic a rating of 4.43/5 – RECOMMENDED!

Talking about the upsells, there are total 2 upsells.

  • The first upsell costs $197. It is the advanced version of auto mobile traffic software. The Auto Mobile Traffic Advanced Software is a great advancement to the basic software which performs many extra work needed to make money with mobile sites on complete automation. I would say its a must.
  • The second upsell also costs $197. This gives you a VIP membership to auto mobile traffic community. Its a one time cost. The Auto Mobile Traffic VIP Membership is required if you want to keep yourself with some cool strategies on regular basis so that this method never goes saturated. A good upsell according to me.

VERDICT: Auto Mobile Traffic is a STUNNING Amazon mobile software. Something that has never been seen before. The offer is extremely unique – as Seth and his team will be hosting various mobile blog sites for each of your customers – with no added costs (think hosting, domain etc) needed. Genuine and can really make someone money who is in need of it quickly.

PS. the term ‘software’ in this auto mobile traffic review refers to wordpress plugin. So auto mobile traffic is a wordpress plugin but just to shorten it down, I’ve used the term ‘software’ 🙂

:: More Information On AUTO MOBILE TRAFFIC :::


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17 Comments Add yours

  1. Ana Julia
    March 12, 2012
    10:15 pm

    Do you recommend buying the upsells to improve the product? Reason I am asking is that I don’t have the $394 to purchase the upsells. Let me know.

    thank you

    • Suzanne Fox
      March 12, 2012
      10:20 pm

      hmm yeah..the upsells are designed to improve the product performance and help in that kind of business of making money online. So the upsells ‘improve’ your success a lot.

  2. Ana Julia
    March 12, 2012
    10:26 pm

    Thank you for being honest, I will see what I can afford.


    • Suzanne Fox
      March 12, 2012
      10:36 pm

      alright. do let us know about it when you buy.

  3. Karim
    March 13, 2012
    11:09 pm

    Using this method will I need to use my cell phone to send out any kind of communication?
    Also will there be any additional charges for cell phone marketing or is all that not required at all and just a computer usage to login to their website and start a campaign and their system sends out the advertisement in space to whoever (not sure how that would be). Can you clarify that part, please.

    • Suzanne Fox
      March 18, 2012
      1:57 am

      there is nothing like that involved.

  4. Norberto Reyes
    March 15, 2012
    4:14 am

    Of course, the Upsells would greatly help but If I cannot afford them, will the basic $47.00
    still make money for me? Why don’t they do it so that we can start making money on the basic
    program and when we start earning then we can upgrade.

    Tell me the truth: Can I still make money with just the basic software without the Upsells?

    Thank you,


    • Suzanne Fox
      March 18, 2012
      1:48 am

      Considering you are a newbie, you will see results slowly if you use auto mobile traffic without upsells. If you have been in the industry for some years with good experience then upsells won’t matter that much; but in your stage, i will recommend you to consider at least one..

  5. Brennan Tilford
    March 15, 2012
    9:38 am

    Hello, Suzanne, any1 there to answer my question.
    if i only buy the $46 software without buying the 1st upsell highly recommended by you, will i still be able to make real money instantly, easily still?
    roughly what average per day income will i get please?
    waiting for your answer now B4 i jump into buying this software, cheers

    • Suzanne Fox
      March 18, 2012
      1:44 am

      there is nothing like instant or easy money. You gotta work for it to earn it. Without upsells, you will have do more work.

  6. eljay
    March 16, 2012
    1:35 am

    Hey Suzanne:

    Great site! In that you seem to give forthright opinions of the product, do you think it’s possible to make enough money with the first segment to either put toward or purchase the two upsells?


    • Suzanne Fox
      March 18, 2012
      1:42 am

      Upsells are not made available if you miss them..

  7. Ian
    March 17, 2012
    5:37 pm

    I am just reviewing this software myself, It looks like good value for your buck especially with the potential return on investment

  8. Scott Esthimer
    March 18, 2012
    12:40 pm

    hi Suzanne i’m scott ” now the ” Automobiletraffic has 2 upsells to it, the first one we would definately need as it’s the ” AUTOMOBILETRAFFIC>ADVANCE SOFTWARE? And do i need the second one which is the ” AUTOMOBILETRAFFIC>VIP MEMBERSHIP” and do i need the ” 2 nd one the vip to make money with it? thank you

    • Suzanne Fox
      March 19, 2012
      5:03 pm

      The VIP membership is more of like training thing. Upsell #1 is highly recommended to improve the power the basic software.

  9. sally richa
    March 25, 2012
    3:58 am

    If Amazon is giving away free app’s to smartphone users. How can the software help if they already have the app?

    • Suzanne Fox
      March 25, 2012
      12:03 pm

      People usually don’t remember such things. They usually use Google everytime. Google can’t be kicked out of your mind. When people are searching for some particular amazon product review or special offers related to a product, they might land on your website resulting in sale if they buy it.

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