Cash Renegade REVIEW by Joe Peters – Cash? huh!

By Suzanne Fox On Jun 2011 Under Affiliate Marketing, Internet Business, Internet Marketing, Making Money Online

Joe Peters Cash Renegade Review – Learn How To Earn Cash Online

Product Name: Cash Renegade | CashRenegade
Launch Date
: 7th June 2011
Official Website :
Created By : Joe Peters + Andrew X (for promotion)
Pricing : $37

A Quick Overview At Cash Renegade :

If you are here after reading other blog’s cash renegade review then let me tell you that all those reviews are scam just by highlighting one simple thing…ALL those reviews have written Andrew X as the creator of Cash Renegade Software whereas the actual creator is Joe Peters. Not a single blog has mentioned this at the time of writing this cash renegade review except THIS ONE.

So you should understand that if you have been or will be reading any other cash renegade review than the one you are reading here, then you are inviting yourself for trouble. ONLY this review blog has the correct information about what is cash renegade because we have tried it ourselves…So you don’t need to read any other reviews of cash renegades after this.

So let’s begin this cashrenegade review now…

BUT hey, before starting the review, let’s talk about the REAL man behind this product. He is Joe Peters. Joe Peters is kind of underground super affiliate marketer who have been found to be making thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing every month. There is not much info on joe peters because he is really a secret person.

Now, Let’s talk about What Is CASH RENEGADE – The Cash Renegade Review

The frontend of the cash renegade is selling you a software with training. What this cash renegade software do? Well, it creates high quality review sites for you plus it also solves your traffic worries by driving traffic to these sites which tends to convert well and make you money due to nature of these sites.



There are total 13 step-by-step videos related to everything you will need to start all this up including pdf’s and also webinars.

cash renegade

So overall considering the TOTAL AUTOMATION you get, the frontend for $37 is a great way to start and generate online income. You just need to do the things right way and success isn’t far away…I would rate the cash renegade frontend at that price at 4.08/5

Then there are some 3 upsells for cash renegade. One of them costs you $297 and the other one costs you $197 respectively. The upsells are:

  • Cash Renegades Elite Training Coaching Program – In this, you will getting direct training from Joe Peters who will unveil his secret recipes for making tons of cash online. In the training center you get to watch some really awesome videos that reveals secret traffic generation sources for your affiliate sites. I really liked the amount of information he is giving inside and thus you should surely check this out.
  • Cash Renegades Video Crusher System – Then there is this upsell which offers you the secret system created by joe peters to make more money through videos without much trouble or shooting/editing for hours to make a video and then do the needed marketing. This system simplifies all this process. This is also named as Traffic Tube X Software and it also has got some underground training videos which were really great. Do try it out. You must check it out because the quality was really nice.
  • 10 or 20 “Done For You” Renegade Cash Sites – Then the cash renegade team also offers read made renegade cash sites. It comes in two groups – a 10 website group and a 20 website group. The site will look same as shown in screenshot above in your desired niche. The 10 website pack cost $47 and 20 website pack costs $97. If you have no time then this is great for you. Don’t forget to try HostGator web hosting if you are looking to host your website. Don’t consider their web hosting offer, it sux! Use the hostgator coupon code: HG25OFFICIAL to get 25% discount on web hosting at hostgator..

So GO, you should try out Cash Renegade Software right now. If you have tried cashrenegade, then don’t forget to share us your review for cash renegade profit software by commenting below. If you have any questions regarding this software, then don’t hesitate to ask me by commenting below.

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To buy cash renegade without watching the video, please click here.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jolly
    June 10, 2011
    6:21 pm

    I read your cash renegade review few days back and purchased it the very same day…Now what’s great is that I’ve made my first affiliate sale with a cash renegade cash site that was built through this software. Though the affiliate commission was something like just $23.85 but it now it makes sense for me to consider the upsells to see it effectiveness.

    So what I am going to do now is take the ready made cash renegade sites offer (the 10 sites offer) and see how it goes plus I am also going to consider the private coaching program of cash renegade. Let’s see what it has got from joe peters.

    That was my cash renegade review…Will update you more very soon on my progress after upsells!

  2. jennifer
    June 12, 2011
    4:11 am


    Totally newbie to internet business.

    I purchase a domain as recommended through your abv link and try to transfer the domain
    to their hosting site but not able to but prompted me to make a purchase at their hosting
    site? Pls advise

    I also wanted to purchase the below but not able to find the link, pls advise?

    10 or 20 “Done For You” Renegade Cash Sites – Then the cash renegade team also offers read made renegade cash sites. It comes in two groups – a 10 website group and a 20 website group. The site will look same as shown in screenshot above in your desired niche. The 10 website pack cost $47 and 20 website pack costs $97.

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