Anik Singal Commission Domination REVIEW – Commissions? SCAM?

By Suzanne Fox On Jul 2011 Under Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing

Anik Singal Commission Domination Review – Learn How To Make Commission Online

Product Name: Commission Domination | CommissionDomination
Launch Date
: 1st August 2011
Official Website :
Created By : Anik Singal with Jimmy Kim and Andrew X
Pricing : $47

A Quick Overview At Commission Domination :

ok, so recently I got to try anik singal commission domination software about which I will be writing a review in this post. The Commission Domination Elite Software is being sold for $47 and I got it easily using my credit card. Is it commission domination scam or not? Well you will find this in this EXCLUSIVE commission domination review today…

Who Is Anik Singal?

Anik Singal is an affiliate marketer from India but a very FAMOUS one. He has made millions of dollars through Amazon and also millions of dollars on other affiliate networks like ClickBank, Plimus etc. His previous products like Affiliate Classroom, PPC Classroom, Income Kick Start, IMade500, ReadWriteEarn, The Empire Formula were a massive success with thousands of HAPPY students/buyers. For this reason, he is currently in a reputed category of internet marketers. He owns a company which is even in Inc. 500!
Commission Domination Review – Does Anik Singal Delivers With This?

Anik’s Commission Domination Review that is now being written by me is what I found after trying the commission domination software which I purchased for $47.

For that cost, as the Commission Domination member, we are going to get instant access to a software program that builds a whole website for us. And important thing to note here is that the website isn’t a just BASIC simple layout, but a highly tested, high converting website which we can customize the way we actually want it to appear.

Then you can build a project, type in your affiliate accounts ID’s to monetize that particular website, you can do keyword research, search optimize the website for domain searching, use your own custom html/css with article management and spinning. And then you can make that site go live…

The software is very user friendly and can be operated by a newbie with just few clicks of mouse. You basically need to fill in the blanks and the software will automatically do the thing.

Overall, the main product for $47 is not a bad thing and I will rate it at 4.27/5 – RECOMMENDED

There are some upsells for commission domination which you may like to know. It is not compulsory to buy them but they are basically designed keeping in mind that you will need a full solution for running an online business. If you don’t have any knowledge then these upsells are must…

  • Traffic Domination Software ($297) – As the name says, it’s a traffic generation software. This is an all-in-one software that will help you do backlinking, article submissions, social bookmarking, RSS, podcast, classifieds, video marketing. It’s a HUGE software and a STEAL! Awesome functionality. RECOMMENDED!
  • 15 Niche Done For You Domination Pack ($197) – You get fully researched Niche boxes that include all the templates, statistics, and updates and those are released on a monthly basis – and they reveal the HOTTEST NEWEST niches out there! RECOMMENDED!
  • Niche Domination Software ($97) – This software will help you do niche research on steroids. It’s so great that I can’t imagine they are selling it so cheap plus you get 10 Niche Templates. At just $97? heck! It’s a MUST have niche research tool…RECOMMENDED!

The upsells are pretty strong and I will recommend to consider atleast the first two and if possible don’t miss the third one. Commission Domination package is worth every penny according to me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

:: More Information On Commission Domination :::

To know more about Commission Domination, please visit THIS SPECIAL PAGE OF Commission Domination.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Samantha
    August 1, 2011
    3:11 pm

    That was a really helpful commission domination review I must say. You are not like others! You really gave your honest opinion about commission domination software which I really appreciate you for that.

    I hope after buying anik singal commission domination, I can really make money online after being scammed by other so called gurus.

    Thanks again for your commission domination review, I am getting it now.

    One of my friend already purchased it and she said it is really great and told me to buy it too but I first thought to read a review for it as I always do and now I think everything looks right and this thing is genuine for me.

    Bye! take care 🙂 I am getting this now –

    • Tilu
      August 3, 2011
      1:54 pm

      Hi Samantha

      Seriously, is this really worth buying and paying the $800+ for.
      I am very tempted to buy, but have spent so much over the years on nothing that works.

      Your experience would be appreciated, even though I know you have only purchased this 3 days a go.


      • Samantha
        August 3, 2011
        7:59 pm

        hi tilu. Yes, it is working for me right now. I have made some money after setting up few websites so I will keep it for few days.

        Don’t forget you get money back guarantee; so there is nothing to loose 🙂

  • Suzanne FoxHello everyone!! I'm , the owner of this blog. I live in California, USA. This blog is delivering honest internet marketing product reviews from past 2 yrs. and many people have congratulated me for the great work I do.

    I try my best to keep myself updated with new product launches and review it very first with the most authentic details and proofs. That's what makes different from others.For my splendid work in this field, I've been awarded two times in a row in an affiliate marketing conference which is held every year and I will try to grab it again with my work.

    I wish you great success in life.

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    There is a big myth or you can say misconception amongst newbies or those who are going to buy internet marketing products that if a product or offer has upsells or one time offers after buying the main product then it is a scam.

    The thing is, if these product owners put all those upsells and main product into one package and slap a big price tag to it, then it is not possible for everyone to buy such high priced products. I'm talking about price tags like $497, $997 and even $1,997!

    To solve this, product owners divide their products into several parts. Each part having its own significance and benefits to the front-end product which you buy for less than $50 these days. Now its your decision whether you can afford the upsells or not.

    So DO NOT consider the product scam if it has upsells or additional offers after you have brought the main product.