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COMMISSION STREAMER REVIEW – Learn How To Make Instant Media Profits

Product Name: Commission Streamer | CommissionStreamer
Launch Date
: 6th December 2011
Official Website :
Created By : Paul Liburd + Antonio Giuditta
Pricing : $49 with 3 upsells.


Commission Streamer Review – Something like 6-7 hours back, I got the early bird access and downloaded the commission streamer automated software. Its actual cost was $49 but I got it on a small discount about which I will be mentioning below. There are total 2 upsells for commissions streamer that I will be explaining you later in this review of commission streamer. So let’s start this commissionstreamer review.


Commission Streamer, although not mentioned, has been created by internet marketer Paul Liburd and Antonio Giuditta. They are well known persons in the internet marketing industry and have earned milliions of dollars in their life.

After purchasing the commission streamer automated software, I was presented with 3 upsells. I purchased all those. Then, I was redirected to the download page with login information. The commission streamer members area exist separately on a different domain. Once you log in, you are presented with the welcome screen and steps that you need to take next to get started with commission streamer software.

Commission Streamer.


The commission streamer members area is well deigned with proper pages for training, help and software download. There are some hidden bonuses too inside the members area. The commission streamer automated software basically is a downloadable software for doing video marketing. Everyone knows how powerful video marketing can be, when done correctly. Even Google loves embedding video results in their search engine for many keywords. This is what you are going to target also.

With commission streamer software, you can easily do video marketing like never before. It helps you spread your videos to multiple video streaming sites in just few minutes. You can do various optimization work just using that software. Commission Streamer is fast, instant, requires no experience to operate, and need no money spent on PPV or PPC. Commission Streamer isn’t some trend tracking software. It sets up ‘affiliate profit centers’ in just 3 minutes, which in effect is your affiliate or home sites…

Overall, the commission streamer software is really good and does some great job in generating targeted traffic. I will rate the commission streamer software at 4.31/5 … For $49, I think it is value for money.


There are total 3 upsells for commission streamer. Here are the commission streamer upsells:

  • Money Masters Group – This is highly recommended upsell from me. For the first vital 90 days of Commission Streamers, the owner will be with you every step of the way, showing you how to thunder past the mediocre marketers and arrive on top of IM in record time. You’ll get his personal email address for all the assistance and insight you’ll need in setting up that first big score. A “training partner” – an IM marketer who makes around six figures a month just on Clickbank. Email mentoring to blast you out of the IM blocks into upper level marketing. VIP access to a monthly Q & A session held by the creator. Updates each week on the campaigns he’s engaged with. An open window on his marketing life—watch and learn from his elite moves. PLUS, there is a Trader Surprise Bonuse: Everyday, other heavy-hitters in the affiliate marketing industry call him up and offer him the first-look on some amazing systems, guides, and strategies. he’ll pass these along to you for review. This privileged access alone is probably worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you. It’s a one time payment plan.
  • Industry Grade SEO – Once you activate your copy of the industry grade seo software, you enter what keywords you want to get traffic from… for example ‘weight loss’, the software will then figure out which sites are ranking for that keyword and start duplicating their efforts automatically. This way you jump ahead of all your competitiors without knowing ANYTHING about seo and how it works. This app gives new meaning to “labor-saving” by removing the last vestige of effort from Commission Streamer, leaving you a greater chance to get extra cash and free time, able to pursue the life you deserve. You get FREE video training also with this to get started. RECOMMENDED!
  • Aggressive Video Traffic – Commission Streamer is the water that washes away the mud, revealing the gleaming 20% of targeted buyers who’ll make you a wealthy affiliate. But What About All The Other Buyers Out There? Here’s the type of things aggressive video traffic software could easily do for you… Generates highly profitable video marketing campaigns. Increases income streams by 75% because you get Better quality of buyers willing to spend even more with you. Aggressive Video Traffic gives new meaning to “value plus,” leaving you flush with extra cash and free time, able to pursue the life you deserve.

VERDICT: I found commission streamer to very genuine product. So, I will say, this is not a scam and recommend it to you.


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  1. Sarah
    December 6, 2011
    8:40 pm

    hey there!

    thanks for posting this commission streamer review. I read this review of commission streamer something like 2-3 hours back and then finally decided to buy commission streamer through your $10 discount link that you mentioned in your post —

    I personally feel that the guru’s this time has produced something great although at the end of year but still I’m fine with it. The product is really value for money and easy to follow. I took the first two upsells.

    Overall, great thing. have any questions then please reply to this comment 🙂

    • Mzi
      December 9, 2011
      11:46 am

      I bought commision streamer and aggressive video traffic but can’t get the downloads to open on my Mac book pro apparently .msi files don’t work on Mac is there fix or altnative for apple Mac users

      • Reviewer
        December 9, 2011
        3:50 pm

        I don’t know whether sarah will be replying to you or not so I will respond to your question. You MUST contact the support for any download related problems. On the download page, they have given an email ID on which I think you should really consider contacting. Here is that email ID: info[at]

  2. Rema
    December 13, 2011
    5:13 pm

    Thank you very much for the genuine review and letting us know that it sure is an excellent offer. Heading to the website to buy the product right away. Thanks again.

  3. chelsea
    December 15, 2011
    10:40 pm

    I’m a complete newbie in internet marketing. So far, I find your review site the best and most helpful one. This product looks really interesting but so do mymobilemoneypages. I couldn’t decide which product to buy. with the little knowledge and experience I have in internet marketing, could you suggest which product would be suitable/better for me? (I know both products did mention something about ‘no experience needed to operate/beginners friendly) I mean I don’t know if I even should ask this question, but I guess I can’t help myself…Your opinion would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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    There is a big myth or you can say misconception amongst newbies or those who are going to buy internet marketing products that if a product or offer has upsells or one time offers after buying the main product then it is a scam.

    The thing is, if these product owners put all those upsells and main product into one package and slap a big price tag to it, then it is not possible for everyone to buy such high priced products. I'm talking about price tags like $497, $997 and even $1,997!

    To solve this, product owners divide their products into several parts. Each part having its own significance and benefits to the front-end product which you buy for less than $50 these days. Now its your decision whether you can afford the upsells or not.

    So DO NOT consider the product scam if it has upsells or additional offers after you have brought the main product.