Go Click Cash Review by James Denzel – Click & Cash? huh!

By Suzanne Fox On May 2011 Under Affiliate Marketing, Internet Business, Internet Marketing, Making Money Online

James Denzel Go Click Cash Review – Learn How To Make Cash Online

Product Name: Go Click Cash | GoClickCash
Launch Date
: 16th May 2011
Official Website : http://www.GoClickCash.com
Created By : James Denzel and Adeel Chowdhry
Pricing : $47 (frontend) with three Upsells

A Quick Overview At Go Click Cash :

Are you here because you want to read go click cash review? Or in a more correct way, go click cash software review? See how I know that! 😀 Now I even know what is go click cash software all about and I am going share that with you today in this EXCLUSIVE review of go click cash software system and training.

Before moving onto the review for goclickcash let’s first talk about the person behind GoClickCash.com

So, who is the owner of Go Click Cash? Well if you have come here after reading some other goclickcash reviews then you would have found everywhere that the maker is Adeel Chowdhry. But actually, all those reviews are scam! The real creator is James Denzel…Not Adeel Chowdhry! He is just playing the part as a marketer and launch handler.

So now, who is James Denzel. Well it’s disappointing but he is little shy/underground. There is not much info about james denzel but one thing is sure that he is an underground affiliate marketer who makes lots of money. And with Go Click Cash, he is telling something out of his pockets.


go click cash.

Let’s Start The Go Click Cash Review – Go Click Cash Software Uncovered

It’s time to tell you the real review of go click cash and what it this all about. Go Click Cash from James Denzel is basically a web based software i.e. which you don’t have to download and can be operated with a working internet connection just like you use your email.

What Go Click Cash Software does that it dynamically builds ClickBank product reviews for you. This software takes input from the user through a series of steps and outputs product review based wordpress blogs. The idea and functionality of go click cash software is really outstanding and could really help you make cash online.

One great thing I noticed while using Go Click Cash Software that it aims at maximum automation possible so that the software can be used by all level of users (from beginners to advanced). This is a really nice thinking…

You get user manual on how to use go click cash software so that you can easily do the needed things to start the things up. I found Go Click Cash very easy to use seriously. You just have to simply visit the ClickBank website, then select any of the product from the various categories of clickbank marketplace and load up the built in review template using the go click cash software. You can also select the theme which is based on the nature of the category and product. It’s really awesome…

Not just that, you can also add up your own affiliate banners, adsense ads etc. to these review sites very easily. These creates a great source of income. On one hand you earn from ClickBank’s affiliate network and on the other hand you can add some extra bit of things to increase this cash. You can even add an opt-in form for list building and it’s great that james denzel thought about this because list building is important these days.

Go Click Cash Upsells

There are total 3 Upsells for Go Click Cash.

1. Go Click Content – $97/mo (recommended)
Go Click Content is a monthly membership program where user is provided with professionally written unique articles and reviews for latest high converting clickbank products. Articles are also converted into videos that are ready to be submitted  by the user to relevant video directories for SEO purposes.

2. Go Click Gold – $197 (recommended)
Go Click Gold is a BIG bonus offering for the go click cash users. Go Click Gold is a huge collection of PLR Bonuses that can be used by the go click cash users to add more value to their reviews.  They can advertise these bonuses while creating the product reviews and offer the bonuses against any purchase through their affiliate link.

3. Go Click Traffic – $197 (decide yourself)
Go Click Traffic is a collection of smart wordpress plugins bundled together that can easily be integrated with go click cash create websites.  Each plugin offers added value through their individual  functionality. One click install option makes it easy for the user to upload and install all the plugins.

So those were the go click cash upsells and their small reviews. Hope you can make the wise decision.

The Go Click Cash Software is really great but you should believe that you will start making millions of dollars the next day of your purchase. Such system needs time and patience. Also you should be used to running an internet business to make it work for you. But you can really make cash online with goclickcash.

My rating for Go Click Cash: 3.90/5

:: More Information On Go Click Cash :::

To know more about Go Click Cash, please visit THIS SPECIAL PAGE OF Go Click Cash.

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14 Comments Add yours

  1. Samantha
    May 17, 2011
    7:09 pm

    Hey that was great. I just purchased that software after reading your review. That video was little long but entertaining ;D This software build automatic websites. I will try it out for some days and let’s see if it make me money…

    Thanks for your go click cash review dear.

    • joe
      May 27, 2011
      6:44 am

      Ya let me know how that works out for ya. Did you set it all up yet?

  2. Francisco
    May 18, 2011
    3:57 am


    I think GCC is similar to GSniper 2.0 but more automated…right? Do you recommend purxhase one first or both to improve profits?


  3. Kenneth Schroeder
    May 18, 2011
    12:52 pm

    You said in your go click cash review that you don’t have to download. HOW all I got was a training video that lost this newbie in the first 3 minutes. Would you PLEASE let me know how you got away without downloading. I will be your slave for life if you would contact me. I hope I’m missing something. I would be so greatful if you could tell me what I am clueless about. I am about ready to opt out.

    • Reviewer
      May 18, 2011
      8:30 pm

      Actually, you DO need to download the files which is the script and then upload it to your server. Then it is completely web based software. I am really sorry if that one line made this go click cash review confusing for you. Sorry for that 🙂

      You can get cheap server on hostgator: http://www.improductreviewed.com/go/hostgator

  4. Tim
    May 20, 2011
    6:50 pm

    So you’re saying Google Sniper is more effective than GoClickCash? I really don’t know $#@! about online marketing. So I know I’m opening myself up by saying that. But I’m hopeful I’ll get a honest response.

    • Reviewer
      May 20, 2011
      7:01 pm

      Yes, Google Sniper is much easier to follow in newbie stage. For Go Click Cash system, you will need a little technical knowledge like operating Cpanel/ftp, working with script. If you can follow the tutorial given inside then you can give it a try otherwise Google Sniper method is a little on the simpler side.


  5. mike
    May 21, 2011
    10:21 pm

    I’m looking to get into internet marketing, but having a hard time sifting the gold from the crap…
    I’m aware of Brendan Bruchard, Mike Koenings who seem to be very sharp and honest guys with REAL value. However, it seems you have to have and / or make a product to use their services.
    The GCC product and others seem to be affiliate marketing programs that you sell thru click bank.
    My question is: 1. Can you make some “real”, big cash ($10k, $20k, $100k etc per month? 2. How fast? What’s the best program(s)


    • Reviewer
      May 30, 2011
      3:32 pm

      Yes it is possible. It depends on your ability to perform and how your perform. Results vary and so your will..

  6. alexander
    May 25, 2011
    3:08 am

    First I buy thi program 6 days ago for 47. dollar plus a web host total at 100.00$ now I am stock with no body to answer tecnical support help.
    first I tried to reach support@ goclickcash zen desk.com and this person or company is no returning e-mail from me or from my friends. tecnical support not exist and wend you call al GCC and I ask the manager name tori about tecnical support or phone number for goclick cask and the lady was real nasty about so I think this is a JOKE.
    now I out 100plus dollars with not answer from nobody JAMES DANZEL you said the this is not a scm so what is this. is you like to e-mail me alexoaco@hotmail.com I am real desapointed about this program and the creator of go click cash Joke.

    polk city.lakeland fl

    • Reviewer
      May 30, 2011
      3:30 pm

      First of all, as you said you contact them on an email. I see that you have been contacting them at a completely wrong place. The REAL support desk is here: http://support.goclickcash.com/home

      Considering you are newbie having very less technical knowledge, its obvious that you will find yourself frustrated. Try contacting them at correct place and get your things sorted out.

  7. Jeffrey Manchester
    May 30, 2011
    3:15 pm

    I but the Go Click Cash Software System about a week ago. The question I have is that everytime I try to submit the project templates I get a server error or other message and can not seem to get any of my templates up and running. I have tried every day at least 3 to 4 times going over the training video’s and still it will not upload to the servers right. I have my site with Brain-host. I am not new to software and script writing as I have a B.S. degree in IT. Can you help me or atleast have some one contact me so I can get started. I do believe that this software will work I just need it to work right on my site.

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