Jamie Lewis Income Times Ten REVIEW – OMG A SCAM?

By Suzanne Fox On Aug 2011 Under Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, Making Money Online

Jamie Lewis Income Times Ten Review – Learn How To Earn Income Ten Times

Product Name: Income Times Ten | IncomeTimesTen
Launch Date
: 22nd August 2011
Official Website : http://www.incometimesten.com
Created By : Jamie Lewis and Travis Stephenson
Pricing : $47 with 1 upsell

A Quick Overview At Income Times Ten :

Jamie Lewis Income Times Ten Review – Recently I joined income times ten membership and tried it for just $47 after purchasing it through clickbank which is one safe way to buy things online as it offers money-back guarantee.


So, I accessed this incometimesten members area to see what is has to offer and hence here is my review of income times ten today. I hope reading this income times ten review you will be able to make a proper decision whether income times ten should be purchased or not (if its a scam)…


Income Times Ten has been created by Jamie Lewis. Who Is Jamie Lewis? Well, he is a very honest marketer and makes money online like any giant dinosaur ready to eat every dollar out there. Jamie Lewis previously released products like IncomeEntourage, ImwithJamie, QuitMy9To5 which performed really well in terms of sales and also got thousands of satisfied customers that are succeeding in life and making money online.

Now he is releasing his another masterpiece and its The Income Times Ten membership.

It’s a one-time fee membership.

Once I entered the income times ten members area I was completely BLOWN away. Just don’t ask me what it didn’t had and I am still shocked that he is giving all of his material for just $47. According to my sources, jamie lewis has put all the knowledge he has got regarding making money online in this one package.

Once logged in you will be presented with a welcome video from Jamie, and a menu that directs you to The Income Engine, Coaching, Site Builder, Etc.

Simple to navigate and user friendly for the technologically impaired, which is a plus. When using the income times ten engine it will ask you a series of questions based off of your own personal experience. This ultimately leads the engine in the proper direction of recommending you certain affiliate products to promote along with a list of resources of where to promote for example a list of forums dedicated to a specific niche. This is the full extent of the engines power.

In short this system finds affiliate products based on your answers, after accumulating the product possibilities it gives you a list of resources to market your affiliate link to.

I really enjoyed watching his videos and got some great 2-3 techniques which I never thought about making money online basically it was related to generating more traffic that will help you make money online.


Overall the main product you get for $47 is all good according to me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and my rating for income times ten as of now is 4.21/5

Talking about upsell, there are total 1 upsell. You can buy it if you want. It will help you succeed better and faster if you want it to happen. The upsell for income times ten are:

  1. 1 on 1 Coaching With Travis And Jamie + Two Complete Online Businesses


I hope this income times ten review was quite helpful for you. If you have any questions regarding incometimesten then just comment below with your query.

This income times ten review will be updated very soon again with more information. So stay tuned!

:: More Information On Income Times Ten :::

To know more about Income Times Ten, please visit THIS SPECIAL PAGE OF Income Times Ten.


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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Georgia
    August 24, 2011
    5:52 pm

    Jamie Lewis presents a very convincing pitch. But what I want to know is if I took my LAST $47 would I be able to make the money he talks about? Too many times I have purchased products that require me to buy something else in order to succeed. Sometimes SEVERAL “something elses”. I am not referring to the upsales, per se. But I am sure you know what I mean. So if all I had was $47 and could not do any upsales, will I still succeed with this program? What kind of impact would that limitation put on the results?

    • Reviewer
      August 24, 2011
      8:28 pm

      YES You can. But it keep in mind you CAN’T make money like him in just a day, week or even in a month. It might take more than a year for a newbie like you to reach near his income. But yes, the main product is able to make you money. The results vary from person to person as he says too. Otherwise, the content he gives is really great and informative.

  2. Affiliate Shmuck
    August 25, 2011
    4:05 am

    The question you didn’t answer in your review is – now that you have his software, how did it do for you? Did you get the traffic? Did you make any sales?

    The examples you get from the video is – turn it on, and you can get a sale in a day or so. It’s been 4 days since you got the product. How much money did you make and how much traffic did you get?

    • Reviewer
      September 4, 2011
      5:15 pm

      I use many systems daily. It’s not possible to tell which system earned me what but yes I certainly know that it made me good amount of money and brought traffic to my site. And income times ten software definitely played a part in it

  3. Pamela
    August 26, 2011
    2:49 am

    Hi, I appreciate your review, however, I am confused. If it is a membership, don’t you pay the $47 every month? I went to the sales video and when you click to close it a box pops up and offers you a one time payment of $197 and you never have to pay anything else. Which is a great deal, however, it left me a little confused. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Reviewer
      September 4, 2011
      5:13 pm

      Hello Pamela, I will be happy to help you.

      it is called a membership in different context here. You don’t have to pay any monthly cost for income times ten but you get information and help as if you have joined any membership program.

      The offer you saw probably was that in which jamie lewis is giving access to his main $47 membership or whatever you can call it + the one on one coaching. If you buy it separately, it will cost you $197 + $47 = $244

      BUT, you take his new offer, you can get the complete income times ten system for just $167. It’s a STEAL! – http://www.incometimesten.com/members/flow5/free.register.php

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    There is a big myth or you can say misconception amongst newbies or those who are going to buy internet marketing products that if a product or offer has upsells or one time offers after buying the main product then it is a scam.

    The thing is, if these product owners put all those upsells and main product into one package and slap a big price tag to it, then it is not possible for everyone to buy such high priced products. I'm talking about price tags like $497, $997 and even $1,997!

    To solve this, product owners divide their products into several parts. Each part having its own significance and benefits to the front-end product which you buy for less than $50 these days. Now its your decision whether you can afford the upsells or not.

    So DO NOT consider the product scam if it has upsells or additional offers after you have brought the main product.