Andy Parker’s Instant Passive Profits Review – Instant Profits? huh!

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NEW Instant Passive Profits Review – Learn How To Make Passive Profits

Product Name: Instant Passive Profits | InstantPassiveProfits | Instant Massive Profits
Launch Date
: 20th June 2011; Relaunch 12th July 2012 with new improvements
Official Website :
Created By : Andy Parker + Greg Wood + Stephen Anderson
Pricing : $49  with 3 upsells

A Quick Overview At Instant Passive Profits:

Hello everyone who is reading this instant passive profits review. I just tried instant passive profits software and here I am as always to share with you a review of instantpassiveprofits software. Instant Passive Profits system is basically designed by Greg Wood (gregory wood), Andy Parker and Steven Anderson (in some way). So what does instant passive profits software does? Well let’s start this review then…

If you are thinking who is andy parker; then let me tell who is a super affiliate making money online (lots of!). He has released quite a few products in past which did performed well during that period. And now he has brought instant passive profits software.

I don’t feel the need of writing instant passive profits software review because the sales page itself shows it in-action. This happens rarely. Internet Marketers these days don’t show actual working of software on their sales pages because they think it will bring them less sales. But according to me, if you show them what it actually does LIVE in-action then you are probably going to get happy customers who are really interested to try what they saw and not what they are just dreaming what it could be.

instant passive profits.

The instant passive profits software creates an instant stream of passive income. It does this by creating the things the software is made for and then it also tries to bring the traffic to these stuffs which gives your affiliate commissions. The whole system revolves around making money online with cpa offers by promoting it properly through cpv networks. They give you the best in training to make this possible.

I will now answer some Common Instant Passive Profits Questions

How do I get started?

To get started with instant passive profits Pleall you have to isase review the modules in the “Main Area” section of your Instant Passive Profits members area. Go through them from beginning to end, and take your time. You’ll have a much better understanding of the program after using these.

How to get accepted into a CPA network?

Sometimes the CPA networks can be pretty picky. It seems to go in cycles. The best course of action anytime you sign up for a CPA network is to call or email them right away and let them know that you are sending paid contextual traffic to CPA offers and would love to work with them.

Sometimes even experiences marketers like myself are turned down by a CPA network. It seems that even they have “bad days”.

In that case, don’t stop with just a few…try other networks. There are literally hundreds of CPA networks out there…just keep trying.

One other thing, it’s okay to be ‘new’ to all this. But you don’t want to come across to the CPA network like you have no idea what you are doing.

They have the same amount of hours in a day as we do and want to spend their time working with people that will benefit their network. So take the time to go through the instant passive profits course a few times…the better you understand what you are going to be doing, the less you might sound like a ‘newbie’ to the networks. Again, it’s okay to be new…but you at least want to let the networks know that you have a plan and know what you are going to do.

When filling out an application and you are not sure what to enter into a field, do your best and then get on the phone and explain to them that you were unsure, and then explain what you are planning to do…etc

How long should I test a campaign?

The answer to this question is not simple and each campaign is different but let me give you some ‘rules of thumb’ that can guide you.

A very common way of measuring a campaigns success is by looking at conversion rates. With many forms of advertising a 1% conversion rate is considered good. In other words, you get one sale for every 100 visitors you get to your site. CPV traffic is different than traditional Pay Per Click advertising and you generally should expect lower conversion rates with CPV traffic, although that is not always the case. I have seen campaigns get over 20% conversion rates with CPV traffic.

One way that you should look at testing is, instead of looking at conversion rates, consider how much money you will earn per sale versus how much you are spending to get that sale. In other words, if you will earn $20 per sale then once you’ve spent $20 with the campaign then it’s time to make some decisions. At that point I would not want to continue spending money on the campaign if I’m not getting anything of value back.

When I say anything of value, this doesn’t always mean that you are making a profit. For example, as long as you have tracking setup, you should be able to see if any of your keywords/URLs have generated any sales and also be able to turn off those that are just wasting your money. So, if I’ve spent $20 then I need to see if there have been any sales. If not then I need to decide whether I will continue the campaign or continue to adjust things such as landing pages, keywords and URLs.

I setup a campaign but am not getting sales

If you are not getting conversions then the issue lies with either your landing page or your keywords, or both. Again, make sure your keywords are as targeted as possible. If you feel the keywords are good, then it might be that the landing page just isn’t working. Try another landing page, test, test, test.

Sometimes I don’t think people quite understand what I mean when I say ‘targeted’ when talking about keywords. When a person enters a keyword, searching for something, the type of keyword tells us a lot about ‘what’ that person is searching for. Many people will break keywords into one of three categories, informational searches, comparative searches, and buying searches.

Most of the time, you will want ‘buying searches’. Let me give you give you some example…we will assume we have a person who is interested in “Making Money Online”…so lets look at some keywords this person might use…

Let’s say they type in ‘Making Money Online”. What type of search is this? Do they know what they want…exactly? Do they have a product in mind that they are looking to buy, or get more information about before they buy?

Think about that for a second….Making Money Online…

That person has no idea what they are looking for…aside from that fact that they would like to learn more about making money online….

They don’t know how, what method, what training product would help them with that…nothing….they are starting at Square One…looking for information.

It is much more difficult to sell to this person. If you use that type of keyword and send them to a Landing page, then now it is completely up to the Landing Page to convince that person that the product being sold will answer all of their questions. Can it be done? Yes…but it is much more difficult.

Let’s look at different keyword example. In this example I will choose a product that is selling on Clickbank that deals with making money online…We will use “The Cash Code” which is a hot selling Clicbank product right now.

Again, think about the keyword ‘Making Money Online’. When a person types that in, do they know that they are looking for, or want to buy ‘The Cash Code’?

No, they probably have no idea that ‘The Cash Code’ even exists…

But, What if the person typed in ‘The Cash Code’, or ‘Buy The Cash Code’…do you think this person knows what they are looking for?

YES they do. So I would start a campaign where I am targeting those types of keywords…that is very narrowly focused. If those type of keywords convert, then I would start to add more ‘less focused’ keywords and see if the landing page will convert with those keywords…if it does, then great…keep growing…if it doesn’t, try a different angle. Or setup a new campaign for a different product.

Make sure you are tracking so you know where any conversions come from!

Overall, the frontend software is good and I will rate it : 4.65/5

There are total 3 upsells which will be offered to you during the sales process. It is not mandatory to buy all of these but buying them will certainly improve your success rate and save your time and research. I checked out all of those and here I present a quick overviews of all the upsells of instant passive profits.

  1. *Private* One-on-One Exclusive Coaching (IPP Coaching) – This upsell will cost you $297 and I would recommend you to take this because having one-on-one coaching with Guru’s is always helpful. You will be getting private coaching from the team of instant passive profits. At such a low price, I would say it’s a steal. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  2. Instant Passive Profits Software Advanced Version – Then there is this upsell which costs merely $37. So you should not think about anything and should consider this upsell. What the advanced version of intstnatpassiveprofits software does that it magnifies the power of main software. It includes brand new traffic software tools that are not available in main software. The traffic tool really worked like a charm and I would say it’s better that they sell limited copies of this 🙂
  3. Done-for-You *Proven* Campaigns (IPP – Done For You Campaigns) – There are two packages.Simply said, the instant passive profits team will give you ready made campaigns to you that are proven to build cash for you over some time. RECOMMENDED!

I would say YES, to Instant Passive Profits.

UPDATE For This Instant Passive Profits Software Review: I just got one video showing Instant Passive Profits members area. The video is just 745kb in size. You can download this video directly here onto your PC.

:: More Information On Instant Passive Profits :::

To know more about Instant Passive Profits, please visit THIS SPECIAL PAGE OF Instant Passive Profits.

instant passive profits

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