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Launch Date : 21st March 2011
Official Website : http://localmobilemonopoly.com
Created By : Adam Horwitz and Tim Donovan
Pricing : $47


I think you are looking for ADAM HORWITZ and Tim Donovan LOCAL MOBILE MONOPOLY REVIEW..You are right on the page where I will share my localmobilemonopoly review with you and tell you why the idea of local mobile monopoly is so great.

local mobile monopoly..

Who are Tim Donovan and Adam Horwitz?

Adam Horwitz, at hardly 20 years of age group, is quiet remarkably an extremely successful Internet Marketer who struck his particular online lotto jackpot using mobile marketing. His easy mobile marketing weblog appeared to just become popular and the fire never ran out.

Tim Donovan who’s a specialist market researcher as well as strategic coordinator who’s most widely known for his top selling high quality product known as the Secret Money Maker.

Talking About Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is big and SMS Marketing stands out as the Greatest opportunity inside Mobile Marketing. There is certainly a particular challenge with attempting to do internet marketing on mobile phones at this time… A growing number of savvy internet marketers are moving in it therefore making it a lot more hard for one to have great results with it.

Soon after the Mobile Monopoly release,Adam Horwitz and Tim Donovan gone back again towards the drawing board to find out a much simpler as well as larger way to tap into this potential Trillion Dollar business. After that these people began researching into text message Marketing and located several eye opening numbers…

By 2012, a projected 10 Trillion text messages is going to be send and delivered throughout the world! -Over two hundred fifty Million People in America have mobile phones,and that is just in the united states! Clients spent on cellular devices is booming more rapidly then the time invested on some other type of mass media! (More than the Internet!)

Text messaging alone gets 7-152 mes the response rate of an email and it has a fantastic 97% open rate! And here’s where it gets good…LESS THEN 1% Of Companies HAVE EVEN TAPPED INTO THIS NEXT BIG TREND!

Local Mobile Monopoly Bonus Free Training

Which means you’re already in front of 99% businesses simply by reading my local mobile monopoly review! So what did Adam Horwitz and Tim Donovan did after that? Well these people began approaching local businesses in L . A . and could hardly imagine how fired up these firms were so that Adam & Tim could do their mobile marketing on their behalf!

When the quantity of customers piled-up Adam & Tim considered to themselves that there needed to be a simpler method of getting much more clients. And some months of testing and tweaking they came across a method of doing mobile marketing for local businesses WITHOUT EVER LEAVING THEIR HOUSE!

Local Mobile Monopoly Video:

I got early bird access special access to local mobile monopoly and was completely blown away with the tools and training they were offering. It’s a great way to start your offline business and perform marketing in that kind of area.



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  1. Suzanne
    March 21, 2011
    4:20 pm

    My husband is in fishing business and I think local mobile monopoly course will help our small business get bigger. Thanks adam for bringing this and of course thanks to tim too.

    And hey, thanks for providing this local mobile monopoly review to us. Your localmobilemonopoly review helped in finalizing whether to buy it or not.

    For just $47, local mobile monopoly is an awesome course on mobile marketing locally.


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