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SPILLOVER COMMISSIONS REVIEW – Learn How To Earn Spillover Commissions

Product Name: Spillover Commissions Report
Launch Date
: 25th August 2012
Official Website :
Created By : Matt Bacak
Pricing : $1 with 2 upsells


SPILLOVER COMMISSIONS REVIEW – Matt Bacak released his “SPILLOVER COMMISSIONS” today. I was able to get my hands over it and today I am going to share my review about spillover commissions report which I downloaded. It is basically a new way of generating affiliate commissions which calls it as “Spillover Effect”.

Before I start my review, let me first show you a snapshot I took of the members area which proves that I purchased spillover commissions and what I’m saying is 100% genuine and true! Have a look:

Spillover Commissions

So you see that…that’s how the members area will look like. I downloaded the spillover commissions report just a couple of hours back for $1 and it us really worth the price. Don’t be greedy in saving $1 from your pocket. You will better learn how to make affiliate commissions and that $1 will be nothin in front of it. The spillover commissions reports basically teaches you how to make money online promoting affiliate products through special “spillover” kind of websites. The members area consist of the report, the special template that will make you money and one unannounced bonus. All this for $1 is a STEAL.

Spillover Commissions is a PDF report and an optional Software designed to help affiliate marketers cash-in on the numerous products that are launched EVERY week by taking advantage of what’s known as “the spillover effect”.

Basically, you’ll get inside knowledge about upcoming launches and information on setting up simple “spillover sites” (using free and paid options) in advance of the launch, which is like jumping to the front of the line… pushing back your competitors who are late to the party.  The “spillover” is the part when you begin receiving affiliate commissions once the launch begins.

The report lays out the entire “search engine” system that played a key part in Matt achieving a record-setting 2086 affiliates who made sales for one of his recent product launches on Clickbank.

Site note – that number reflects the “gravity” as calculated by Clickbank. Basically it reflects how many affiliates made a sale within the prior 8 weeks.  It doesn’t reflect how many sales were made, just the number of affiliate who made sales. So 2086 gravity means that at least 2086 sales were made.  But many affiliates made more than 1 sale. So that should give you an idea of the REAL power that this system played in his launch.

With that said, let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons…


I mentioned it is a “search engine” system which means it involves creating one page websites which brings me back to the optional software.

The “Spillover Snatcher” software actually creates these Spillover Websites for you!  This is a huge “Pro” for 2 reasons:

1. It eliminates the most common “techy” obstacle for those just starting out with affiliate marketing.

2. It saves a HUGE amount of time.  If time = money, then theoretically, this software should make you more of it by building more of these website faster and getting a jump on your competition.

As I stated, the optional “Spillover Snatcher” Software that sells for $47.  However, the entry point is only $1!  There’s no recurring billing and no trial.

For a one time charge of $1, you get the PDF that outlines the entire system with some screen shots. Plus, I’ll let the ‘cat out of the bag’ here and let you know that there’s a surprise BONUS template on the download page that helps you get started using the Spillover method ASAP.

The template is in PDF format and has some extensive instructional notes with examples to help you understand how to use it.  I was able to copy and paste from the PDF into notepad for easy editing.

Altogether, Matt is over-delivering on value for $1.

I’ve read some good comments from others, but I’m not one to take someone else’s word for it, so I’ve decided to do my own homework, so I decided to grab the product for myself and get a peek inside the member’s area.

With most software products going for $97 these days, paying $47 for the Snatcher software was a welcome price tag.

When you combine the bonus template with the software, you can shortcut the time it takes to doing this from scratch. I thought it was a no-brainer.

By the way, you don’t need an opt-in list and there’s no paid advertising required to make this work because you’re relying on the pre-launch buzz to build the momentum for you once the product launches and that (in theory) should be enough to get the free traffic flowing.

Regarding support… I had a quick question about the software and contacted Support.  They were surprisingly responsive and were able to answer my question relatively quick.  This is a real Pro.  In my experience, many Internet Marketing product owners desert you after the sale. So this was refreshing to receive helpful support.

Of course, Spillover Commissions is not perfect. I was determined to dig up all the “dirt” I could for you.


Here are a couple of my complaints…

#1. If you’ve been around Internet Marketing for awhile, the system is “not so secret”.  It’s new, but as Matt says, most people “get it wrong”.  That’s a fair statement.

It’s safe to say that most people will fall into 1 of 2 categories with this:

A) Those that have never experienced it (whether they’ve heard about it or not).
B) Those that have attempted to use it but didn’t get it right or hit “technical” roadblocks.

#2. While the snatcher software lived up to his promise of creating the sites, I did experience an issue (or what I thought was an issue).

I thought it didn’t work when I first tried it which made me a little upset.  I waited, what felt like a minute, and it did nothing.  But I had overlooked the instructions that told me to allow up to 30 seconds (or so) for the software to load.

#3. Another complaint is that the software is not downloadable.  It’s online only.  But after asking about this, I was told that having it online allows the programmers to update the software and make any “fixes” on the fly.  The other explanation was a little techy for me, but basically meant it works best as an online application so I can live with that.

The bonus template is referred to as copy-n-paste.  It “is”, but it “isn’t”.  Let me explain…

You can copy and paste the template, but you can’t copy and paste as-is. I was disappointed at first, but then I read the notes from Matt about why there needs to be some editing first and it all makes sense.  So that is a minor negative.

With that said, here’s where I remove the hype and pull back the curtains on expectations. You have to use some common sense here.  You can’t expect every “spillover site” to be a winner.  That just isn’t going to happen.

However, I learned something about sales many years ago.  Sales is a “numbers game”.   While some will set up their first site and have some good success with it, others may not see results until the 2nd, etc.

Who Is The Product Suitable For?

In my opinion, the product is appropriate for anyone who wants a simple way to make money in affiliate marketing.

From a standpoint of technical obstacles, the report combined with the Software is tailor-made for beginners who want a shortcut to this universal problem.

Experienced marketers will be able to take this and run with it.

However, it may be more valuable to lessor experienced marketers who want to avoid wasting time and get it right from the start.

My overall rating for spillover commissions system (including upsells) looking at the price is 4.86/5.

There are total 2 upsells for spillover commissions; Be a warrior and buy both of them if you can. They are really nice and helpful. They are as follows:

  • Spillover Snatcher ($47) – This is a web based software which with which you will be able to find out the profitability of a keyword by entering one main keyword and you’ll be able to post to your existing WordPress or Blogger blog, instantly create a new Blogger blog, or create a new WordPress site.
  • Secret Traffic Commission Bot v2 ($197)

VERDICT: Not a scam. Recommended!

::: More Information On Spillover Commission :::

To know more about SPILLOVERCOMMISSIONS, please visit THIS SPECIAL PAGE OF Spillover Commissions.

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