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Product Name: Commission Shortcut
Launch Date
: 25th June 2012
Official Website : http://www.commissionshortcut.com
Created By : Mike Daniels
Pricing : $34 with 3 upsells

A Quick Overview At Commission Shortcut :

Commission Shortcut Review – So I bought this commission shortcut by mike daniels on 16th june as an early bird user which cost me about $34. The sales video was bit bulk (200mb) but anyways I really wanted to see what is commission shortcut all about and how it can help me make affiliate commissions.


Commission Shortcut Video Mike Daniels

What Is Commission Shortcut?

Now, you must be thinking what is commission shortcut exactly. Let me tell it to you now. Once you buy the commission shortcut software (web-based) it will give you access to a .pdf rebrander . The idea behind this is really great and as I told you few lines above, it works! I’ve seen it through my eyes and even tested it personally.

You also get access to a big vault of highly optimized .pdf files from various niches that are sure to make you money. All you have to do is just enter you affiliate ID’s like of clickbank or clicksure and then it will brand your chosen pdf with your affiliate links strategically which will help you make commissions. Inside the members area, they guide you how to promote or market these branded pdf’s to people so you can make money. The training they have got to make you money is just great. They share 3 methods exactly and I implemented all those to my case study.

PROOF of Authenticity!

To prove that what I’ve just told you about commission shortcut is 100% true and that I did get access to the commission shortcut system; here is a snapshot which I took of the members area hence verifying that I know what is this all about…

commission shortcut members

Commission Shortcut Case Study

A product review is nothing without a case study. So, I did a case study for commissionsshortcut from the day I bought it (16th june) and today, I’m going to share with you my results by using it… For the purpose of this case study, I opened a brand new clickbank affiliate account on june 16th and implemented the commission shortcut system right away. In my case study, I did earned any commissions for the first 3 days.

Please note that you may see some different results while doing so; you may make commissions from they very first day or will have to few days. After 3 days, I slowly started making commissions using this system and was really happy to see that money in my account. The screenshot below is latest which I took 2 minutes before and as you can see, today I’ve made the highest amount of money with commission shortcut…

commission shortcut

So you see that; commission shortcut is not a scam and it works!

My view for commission shortcut is positive! You must buy it to make such kind of commissions online. I will rate commission shortcut 4.68/5 – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Brief Details about upsells:

  • Commission Shortcut Autopilot Membership – One time cost of $196 and offers you advanced technology like software and many more things that will increase your commissions by 400%. – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • Commission Shortcut – PLATINUM – $197 – Recommended. You get more templates and ebooks to use.
  • CS MILLIONS – $64

If you have any questions regarding commission shortcut then ask me without any hesitation. Use the comment form below to ask you questions about commissionshortcut.

:: More Information On Commissions Shortcut :::

To know more about Mike Daniel’s Shortcut to Commissions , please visit THIS SPECIAL PAGE OF COMMISSION SHORTCUT.

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53 Comments Add yours

  1. Norman Johnson
    June 25, 2012
    3:12 am

    Can you tell me exactly what you did to start seeing profits? Were the upsells necessary to begin making money with this product?

    • Suzanne Fox
      June 25, 2012
      9:12 pm

      You may find upsells helpful. I will recommend the platinum membership and traffic training upsell. I already had many templates with me so I didn’t purchased that…I followed the methods step-by-step to bring traffic and then made money with commission shortcut.

      • Estrella
        July 6, 2012
        12:09 pm

        Hi Suzanne, Thanks for sharing your experience. Sophie on the video talked about spending 15 minutes to set up. I saw several sets of video. You mentioned taking only a short time setting up. Were you referring to the CB and CS? Thanks in advance for your answer.

        • Suzanne Fox
          July 7, 2012
          1:16 am

          I was talking about commission shortcut.

  2. myquee
    June 25, 2012
    3:39 pm

    hi, ms.suzanne! you mentioned above that there are 2 upsells but did not elaborate on it. do i have to purchase those upsells in order for me to earn those figures above?
    i also noticed on all of your reviews for march and april that you rated all as highly recommended, or greatly recommended. i have yet to see any of your review that got a poor rating from you.

    • Suzanne Fox
      June 25, 2012
      9:10 pm

      I don’t review products that are bad. Why waste time reviewing it when it is not going to yield me anything for my time. I only review products which appears good to me…

      Upsell details added.

      • myquee
        June 26, 2012
        7:18 am

        thank you very much for the update on upsell details information, that would be FAIR now to your readers.

        in fairness also, i was able to read last night one of your reviews that you did not rate as HIGHLY RECOMMENDED or GREATLY RECOMMENDED but just a plain and simple remark as JUST TRY IT!

        • Suzanne Fox
          June 26, 2012
          9:57 pm

          Great to know that. There is one more review on this blog (i won’t link to it) which I reviewed 2 months back and rated it good for the first time but later on marked it as a scam.

    • nick
      June 25, 2012
      11:54 pm

      you are right suzanne!

  3. mohamad anwar
    June 25, 2012
    8:47 pm

    ok, that’s good…what about the upsells..do your results depends on the upsells or just by the basic purchase 🙂

    • Suzanne Fox
      June 25, 2012
      9:02 pm

      Yes, I did purchase the upsells. Don’t expect to make thousands by just investing $34. So upsells are necessary. Choose the one which you can afford and think will be useful for you based on your experience and knowledge.

      • mohamad anwar
        June 25, 2012
        11:30 pm

        thx alot, that was useful..if i’d do it, it’ll be through your link 🙂

  4. Sophie
    June 26, 2012
    12:56 am

    hey everyone! i’m sophie rogers; the one who you saw in the sales video of commission shortcut. I personally beta tested this (how lucky) and wanna say this that “I love Mike!”..thanks to him that I now know how to make money online easily and have been continuously doing so from the day he handed me his steps to commission shortcut system. I am constantly making $1K or so every week on clickbank following his system. if you people reading this have any questions regarding commissionshortcut then do ask me!!

    • Norman Johnson Jr.
      June 26, 2012
      2:40 am

      Hi Sophie, can you give my some insight on exactly what you did to start making money. I have never made a dime online but watching the video it just seemed so easy for you guys. Is it really that simple? If so, HOW??

      • Sophie
        June 26, 2012
        10:06 pm

        yes, its very simple norman. even i was shocked to see it while sitting on his office chair that day. you just need to rebarnd the ebooks with oyur affiliate links and follow the secret training to get your ebooks to the masses for free. that’s how you make money with commission shortcut,

    • Jamie Chin
      June 27, 2012
      6:05 am

      Hi Sophie,

      It is great to actually know that you have seen results with this program. There are a tons of scams out there as you might know, I just want to know that this is real. Can you send me an email and explain how I can actually start as you did and earn money.

    • costa
      June 27, 2012
      8:35 pm

      hi sophie, are you the dancer? im guessing your dancing all the way to the bank now? is it all true? its my first time internet marketing and im nervous, but i like the videos produces by mike.

    • Phyllis O
      June 28, 2012
      12:16 am


      I am curious, now that you are making about a grand a day…good for you!! How many hours are you putting in per day to make that kind of money? Are you still only working part time or are now working full time?

      Thank you.

    • Don
      June 29, 2012
      3:10 am

      Sophie Rogers,

      Hey gal, you are precious..! I couldn’t help but notice your pleasant smile and the way you interacted with Mike during your introduction to Commission Short Cut.. So, $1K per week or there about is a nice income for a college student, and I know you must be eternally grateful for this new knowledge.. Congrats on your new found source of income, and I wish you nothing but the best in your dancing career.. Keep on smiling..! I too purchased Commission Short Cut with one upgrade.. Just received it and will proceed with the simple instructions to get it going..

      • Suzanne Fox
        June 29, 2012
        10:25 am

        hey Don, can you share your experience with us about commission shortcut? Also, which upsell you purchased? Please name it. Also name the upsells which you rejected.

    • Hani
      July 1, 2012
      7:38 pm

      Are the steps really easy to follow and one can make money online without the need to still invest more money after getting the system? And honestly, how long it takes to follow system?

  5. BT
    June 26, 2012
    6:34 pm

    Hi Sophie,

    The video was great but really in 15 minutes you were able to set up a system to make money?! So many selling a product say it is so easy even Newbies can learn but then you get the product and without up sells it can be daunting to say the least. When you entered the information Mike gave you did you have the up sells in place or without?

    • Sophie
      June 26, 2012
      10:08 pm

      hi, it takes really just few minutes to ‘set-up’ everything and when you are done you have to wait a bit to see money in your accounts. works great. and yes, mike did offered me the upsells but after some days as a ‘gift’ for beta testing his basic system.

  6. Dennis
    June 26, 2012
    9:29 pm

    Suzanne: Really appreciate this site and your honesty about the products you review.

    Sophie: Nice of you to post here and let everyone know how you’ve done with this product.

    Question for you: When you started out beta testing, were you using everything in the upsell products, or just the basics. Are you using all the stuff he offers now in order to average your $1000 per week?

    Thank you

    • Sophie
      June 26, 2012
      10:09 pm

      yes, i do use his upsells now. as mentioned in the comment above; it was offered to me as a ‘gift’ later for beta testing his new system.

      • Phyllis O
        June 27, 2012
        2:46 pm

        Hi Sophie,
        I also appreciate your candid honesty as there are so many of us that want to make an honest living online and also help others!! Since you are a beta tester, I would love to contact you directly as I am eager to get started. My email is posted right above this link.
        Thank you. 🙂

  7. kathleen
    June 27, 2012
    1:19 am

    Hi Sophie,

    my name is Kathleen, I live in the Islands of Trinidad & Tobago In the West Indies, Sophie my question to you is would this system work for me seeing that I live outside the US & UK ? and is it worth borrowing the money for me to purchase this product? you see I am a mom with a child with cerebral palsy, and I REALLY REALLY NEED A JOB I CAN DO from home and still take care of my daughter, I am not working because I have to take care of her, & the exchange rate with our currency is $6TT for $1US and it is very hard for me to borrow money just to get the basic package because that’s ALL I CAN AFFORD TO GET, and can’t make any money to pay it back and even pay my daughters bills and home bills. and how much money can I make with the basic Package? THANKS Sophie hope to here form you soon. GOD BLESS

  8. kathleen
    June 27, 2012
    1:29 am

    and next question do you need to have a website to use this system called commission shortcut? can you tell me what I will need to have to work with this system, such as a click bank or click sure account, pay pal, or any other. thanks again and GOD BLESS YOU

  9. aznan
    June 27, 2012
    1:42 am

    Hai, suzanne, I have been following yr feedback about the internet programme quite a while, i just want to ask between the SuccesswithAnthony.com and the commssionshortcut.com, which one will u recommed like newbie for this ?? I am so confused every now and then will come a new programme claim to make money but failed in return.

    Another thing is,for this commissionshortcut,if everyone use the same PDF file and promote to others, will it get saturated in the long term run ? Can this programme sustain forever ??


  10. Phyllis O
    June 27, 2012
    2:48 pm

    Thank you for making this blog available for us to review!!
    Phyllis O 🙂

  11. Linda Bryant
    June 27, 2012
    9:50 pm

    Hi Sophie,
    I know Mike addressed this on the video, but do you think it’s possible for a someone without a lot of technical expertise to succeed at this? I’m fine with getting the upsells, but I’m still a little unclear about exactly what I’ll be doing to earn the money and commissions — rebranding products? I’m only mildly Internet-savvy, so I’m worried I’ll get lost in the technical stuff. However, I’m a willing learning and willing to go the extra mile.

    • Sophie
      June 30, 2012
      6:45 pm

      Sorry for getting back so late…Commission Shortcut doesn’t needs any technical experience at all but you must have a good grasping power. Yes, you will be re-branding high quality e-books with your affiliate links in it and then promote it to make money. They offer you 20- ready made e-books which you just need to re-brand using their online tool which hardly takes few second.

      hope you got what i’m saying linda. make sure you help suzanne and appreciate her work by buying through her link: http://www.improductreviewed.com/go/commissionshortcut/

  12. myquee
    June 28, 2012
    10:10 am

    hi, suzanne!

    I will appreciate it much if you could just point me to one of your reviews that offer no upsells but only a basic fee that will cost me something like $34 or $39 that will also allows me to earn the same as that of commission shortcut. I will just get back to this if I have earned enough to get those upsells the commission shortcut is offering.
    Do you have any past reviews on im sites that falls on the above criteria? Thank you very much!

    • Suzanne Fox
      June 28, 2012
      1:04 pm

      unfortunately, there exists no such product at such a low price which doesn’t have upsells. Did you read the right hand side of this blog which clarifies the myth about upsells…? Only costly products don’t have any upsells…like the one I reviewed here – http://www.improductreviewed.com/?p=2055

  13. Rob Daniel
    July 1, 2012
    6:18 pm

    Hi Suzanne, perhaps the upselling shouldn’t be called a scam, but at best it is misleading, especially to someone who is new to this and hasn’t been presented with a ‘wait, you need to pay more for this to work properly’ page once they have paid the initial cost. If they haven’t seen this before the natural assumption is they are being ripped off, as the upsell hasn’t been mentioned in the initial presentation.

    This method or marketing and selling is definitely not being straight and up front with people, and leaves a bad taste in people’s mouth’s when they are hard sold a product for 30 – 50 dollars, buy it, then get presented with 197 or more for it to work properly. You don’t walk into a car yard, but a really nice car and once the money is paid, get asked for another chunk of money to buy the engine to make it run.

    I am internet savvy, I do make money online, and although I appreciate this may well not be a scam, it certainly feels like once when presented like this. Now, Kathleen lives in a part of the world where the exchange rate is not good for her, and she is ready to take out a loan to try this. It is a BIG deal for her and if it doesn’t work life could get VERY hard for her. She needs to know ther eis no real guarantee with this, and if ther eis a make money guarantee, it needs to be provided in such a way that if she does want her money back, emails she sends are both answered AND her money returned without question.

    • Suzanne Fox
      July 1, 2012
      10:21 pm

      I will try to reply all your paragraphs one by one…Let’s start!

      Para 1 & 2:
      Usually, if a product is a book, software, package of instructional webinars or CD, and is being sold for $34 or anything close to it, that price is usually approved by the marketplace since the value including server costs, webinar fees and customer service expenses exceeds the amount charged for the product.

      Models and product owners where Intellectual property being sold at volume for a more reasonable price should be rewarded rather than smaller communities with higher priced material which goes unregulated since is not as much in the spotlight.

      This is a segmented approach where instead of the product containing many different aspects and having a minimum front end ticket price of $997, $1997 and even more, the front end product is $49, $97, then the two upsells are marked up 200% or so gives the buyer the freedom and option to make more purchases. Processors prefer this funnel opposed to everything being packaged and the amount being much more. This funnel was actually forced upon many vendors by the processor since customers generally are most happy with this. So the upsell model opposed to a higher priced package is the more comfortable option by the buyer!

      Taking your example; when you go to buy a car, you do get upsell offers in the form of insurance, AC-stereo system (in many countries), extended warranty, alloy wheels and many other car accessories. It’s up to you whether you can afford more things to make your car look or perform better.

      Para 3:
      Commission Shortcut does offers money back guarantee because their merchant (clicksure) is a very reputable and new one in this business. And they really wouldn’t wish to risk their business and merchant relationship with credit card companies by not refunding people’s money when asked to do so as stated by their TOS.

      And the aim of such reviews IS to offer people with right details about the product which might not have been told by the product owner just like when you visit a showroom to buy a car, you are told a ‘good’ mileage of that car which is their part of marketing but in reality it must not be true and which you can only find out by reading some review or by asking some person who brought it.

  14. Hani
    July 1, 2012
    7:52 pm

    Is there any other way i can get commissionshortcut without need to get it through CLicksure? Because my payment just doesn’t seem to want to get through them??

    • Suzanne Fox
      July 1, 2012
      9:50 pm

      well; can you explain your problem a bit?

  15. steve
    July 4, 2012
    4:30 pm

    Hi there I am on the verge of buying this product too but I can’t afford any of those upsells at the moment. I have been trying to earn money online for 7 months now with no success but is it worth me investing at all if I cant afford the upsells to make it work for me?

    Basically, I need to know do the upsells tell you where to upload your rebranded pdfs to or is it just more training to get targeted traffic?

    Many thanks


    • Suzanne Fox
      July 5, 2012
      11:40 pm

      yes they give you basic training on how to promote the ebooks. But if you want further training then the first upsell is what you should definately buy.

  16. StevieB
    July 4, 2012
    6:09 pm

    I paid for the product but due to connection problems lost the link to the 8 steps. I have tried repeatedly to contact them, with no success, just an automated reply then nothing. Can you assist?

    • Suzanne Fox
      July 5, 2012
      11:35 pm

      Please send me an email. I’ll see if i can help. Please include all the necessary details like your email, receipt etc.

  17. fred pepey
    July 4, 2012
    7:04 pm

    hi suzanne,

    i don’t mean to sound impatient, but i would really, really appreciate if you can reply. i realize that you are busy and i am not your # 1 priority, but, i am asking you for guidance because i respect your knowledge regarding this matter.
    all i need is what you think which upsell(s) is essential to make this program yield $100-$200 a day, not $1000. i really want to get this started, so please reply as soon as you can.
    thanks again………………
    respectfully, fred pepey

    • Suzanne Fox
      July 5, 2012
      11:34 pm

      the final upsell which is CS millions is not at all necessary. The first upsell is highly recommended. If you have money then buy the second upsells which is the platinum membership.

      • Allen
        July 6, 2012
        10:56 pm

        Hi Suzanne,

        Can you tell us how much the first and second upsells are?


        • Suzanne Fox
          July 7, 2012
          12:57 am

          I’ve already told that in the review. Please read it properly.

  18. fred pepey
    July 21, 2012
    6:40 pm



    • Suzanne Fox
      July 22, 2012
      7:41 am

      *yes you can* but the results vary when you use the upsells and they are better when you use them.

      • fred pepey
        July 24, 2012
        5:16 pm

        thank you, suzanne. i really appreciate it………………………………

  19. Everett
    July 22, 2012
    7:32 pm

    In your own observation is commission shortcut still doing good up to this time? im planning to buy this one also thru your link..

    • Suzanne Fox
      July 23, 2012
      9:38 am

      yes it is still really good and working in a good way for. do buy the whole package.

  20. solomon
    July 26, 2012
    1:50 am

    HI SUZAN, i just surfed through google to search and find out the authenticity of this product if is a scam or not. well, for some people they recommend it and others condemn it as a scam through youtube.com. according to your testimony, i believe you for your honesty, because is hard to fine truth in some people for sure. but the problem is, this same people who claim they bought and tested it, are the same people warning everybody from youtube against it. so i am confused about the whole situation of whom to trust.i really need your clarification concerning this issue.

    • Suzanne Fox
      July 26, 2012
      2:08 am

      it is not a scam. those people are just idiots. if you see carefully, those who say/promote it as scam alternatively recommend some other product as an affiliate. So they are just trying to fool you to believe in some other product they link to…go check it. you will find the same in all cases who say that it is scam. but trust me it is not. you can work on this method very well. don’t get panic if you don’t make money in first few days. the typical results are zero. you have to keep working and it will work some day.

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    There is a big myth or you can say misconception amongst newbies or those who are going to buy internet marketing products that if a product or offer has upsells or one time offers after buying the main product then it is a scam.

    The thing is, if these product owners put all those upsells and main product into one package and slap a big price tag to it, then it is not possible for everyone to buy such high priced products. I'm talking about price tags like $497, $997 and even $1,997!

    To solve this, product owners divide their products into several parts. Each part having its own significance and benefits to the front-end product which you buy for less than $50 these days. Now its your decision whether you can afford the upsells or not.

    So DO NOT consider the product scam if it has upsells or additional offers after you have brought the main product.