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ONLINE PROFIT BOT Review – Learn How To Earn Online With Online Profit Bot Software

Product Name: Online Profit Bot Automated Software
Launch Date: 5th March 2012
Official Website :
Created By : Paul Liburd and Antonio Giuditta + Chris Taylor
Pricing : $49 with 3 upsells

A Quick Overview At Online Profit Bot :

ONLINE PROFIT BOT REVIEW – Like always, I managed to get access to online profit bot software, training and the upsells. There were total 3 upsells. I’ve all of them. Online Profit Bot is being sold through ClickSure which is very reliable and trustworthy way to make online payment and buy digital products. So What is online profit bot all about and how is it going to help you make online profits? We will look into that in my EXCLUSIVE review of online profit bot today…

… BUT, before moving onto the review let me first prove my authenticity that I really tried online profit bot and I know what it is all about. I am doing this to prove that I’m a genuine girl writing genuine reviews and IMPRODUCTREVIEWED is not like some another crap review blog throwing garbage reviews of products giving you absolutely no information about that product and just wasting your time in an infinite loop of finding an honest review. Read the review here and make your final decision; you won’t have to search anymore for a review of online profit bot. 🙂

So, let me first show you the online profit bot members area screenshot so that you can trust what I am saying about online profit bot today… Have a look:

So you see; I have the full access to online profit bot. That being said, lets start the onlineprofitbot review now..

With the frontend offer which costs $49, you get access to online profit bot automated software and training on how to use and make money with it. The training is divided in 5 modules. The main software is an automation tool. It automates website building superbly. You no longer have to worry about the niche to start on; no more hours spending doing keyword research, no more wasting manual time in creating a review site, no more technical issues related to a website, you don’t have to find the best ways to optimize the website because online profit bot builds only the optimized one; no more seo required because online profit bot will help you do that easily. These websites easily generate traffic for you. Online Profit Bot basically cuts down the time you will take to build an affiliate site manually.

online profit bot software

In short, online profit bot does these 4 things:

  • Keyword Research with domain recommendation – it’s really good
  • Selects best product based on that keyword to promote for maximum commissions
  • Creates affiliate links automatically
  • Builds reviews sites and landing pages

There is also some bonus material which you get in the front-end price. It is called IM Class Room. There are nearly 20 videos inside this classroom and they’re adding more everyday. These are really great videos and method showing you more about internet marketing and how it is done.

UPDATE: See how I’m doing with online profit bot in the screenshot below…Quite early but the income is picking up slowly…And I haven’t started using it to full extent.

Online Profit Bot is really a great software to have. I really enjoyed working on it as it was user friendly and created for people even with basic or no knowledge about internet affiliate marketing. I am going to rate online profit bot at 4.62/5 – GOOD and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

And now, lets talk about the online profit bot upsells and what they do. There are total 3 upsells of online profit bot:


  • PRIVATE MILLIONAIRES NETWORK  – This is the first upsell you will offered called private millionaires network. This will cost $197 only. This upsell will give you 8 sessions of training i.e. 8 training videos which are really good. It talks about how to run an internet business successfully and make big money online with many interesting methods and techniques. You will also get consistent email mentoring to guide you every step of the way; VIP access to a monthly A&A sessions held by the owner himself; weekly updates of winning affiliate campaigns and how he found it; and some inner circle secrets. This is a great upsell to buy, highly recommended and value for money.
  • COMMISSION REPLICATOR – This is the second upsell you are offered. It is priced at $177 only. Once you purchase this upsell, you will be shown exactly what products to promote and when. Insider techniques that build your confidence and make affiliate marketing work for you. He also teaches how to find which offers are the real deal and which aren’t worth your time. In short, you get highly researched affiliate campaigns ready to make you money and all you have do is copy and paste. You will be getting this affiliate campaigns every week on your registered email ID. A really good upsell to have if you want to save your time in researching (and also if that’s not something you don’t know how to do).
  • INSTANT TRAFFIC ROBOT – The third upsell is Instant Traffic Bot Automated Software priced at just $97. This is the upsell which I’ll highly recommend to have no matter whether you are experienced or a newbie. Its an important piece of online profit bot which you need to have seriously. This is an automated traffic generation powerhouse to skyrocket your commissions. With this, you no longer have to worry about your sites getting de-indexed, learning complicated seo tricks, getting banned by Google, trying to stay ahead of blackhat methods, or jeopardizing your commissions. Its main aim is to boost your search engine ranking and improve organic traffic. Have a look at instant traffic robot:

Instant Traffic Robot

VERDICT: Online Profit Bot is a really great product which can help you make money online easily. Its made for newbies. Even with zero experience, you can start making money. I will give a thumbs up to this and will HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to buy online profit bot.

Online Profit Bot Download

If you have any questions about online profit bot, then just comment below with your questions.

::: More Information On Online Profit Bot :::

To know more about Online Profit Bot, please visit THIS SPECIAL PAGE OF Online Profit Bot.

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17 Comments Add yours

  1. Sat
    March 6, 2012
    11:06 pm

    Hi! Suzanne,

    JUst a query:

    Do we need to buy domain and hosting for the mini sites ?> If yes how much it would cost ?.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Suzanne Fox
      March 6, 2012
      11:23 pm

      yes, you will have to buy domain every-time you consider create a profitable affiliate site for some product. You can then add this domain to your web hosting account.

      For web hosting (if you don’t have right now), I will recommend HostGator – Use coupon code HG25OFFICIAL for 25% discount.

      For Domain Names, Use Godaddy or Name.

  2. John Buitenhuis
    March 6, 2012
    11:30 pm

    Hi Sue, just wondering if I don’t purchase the upsells right away, can I still go ahead and make this work just as is? Oh yea, and still make money to start, then afford to buy upsells? I’m a newbie and just starting out in these new opportunities.

    • Suzanne Fox
      March 6, 2012
      11:59 pm

      Well, you can’t expect to make $XXX without the upsells. Atleast consider buying the first upsell and the third one if you can’t buy all the 3. Otherwise be prepared to do some hard and time consuming work without upsells if that’s what your choice is going to be at the end of the day.

  3. Sat
    March 6, 2012
    11:52 pm

    Thanks for your quick response.


  4. Corrado Nigro
    March 7, 2012
    2:16 am

    Hi Suzanne!

    I’m Corrado from Italy.

    It’s about 1 month and half i’ve been studying IM so i can say I’m very new to this world. Even though I’m a newbie, I already bought some unuseful or, at least, incomplete web marketing products.

    this one seems having good reviews (also from the non-autogenerated ones 😉 .

    Well i’m going to the point. Probably I’ll be asking for too much and, in this case, just forgive me but ther could be an advantage for you also (even probably you won’t need):

    I’m very serious and I’m working hard to learn fast to make this IM my life Job and I also use to sign my self with my real name and second name(not all people do so) because I want to be real, recogniziable, non-hidden, clear as the sun. and the more is, I want to be a stable person in IM from now to the future.

    My problem is: my budget is actually too low. after getting some kind of unuseful products I can’t afford the 3° upsell (that you also reccomend).

    I’m searching a kind of mentor, a person from whom to learn and being REALLY supported so to make all stuff working and money generating.

    You could properly say:” and what comes back to my self for this?”. Right question.
    I would SHARE my 50% of my first 2 months earnings and you would also gain a trustable, grateful and willing to collaborate with you, affiliate person for now and for future.

    I’ll be glad to get an answer either positive or negative from you. every experience will help me to grow up in this.

    my kindest and sincere regards.

    Corrado Nigro

    (also on facebook)

    • Suzanne Fox
      March 9, 2012
      12:12 am

      Sorry, but I’ve got these offers MANY times seriously and I don’t know why people really offer it first of all because we just DON’T know each other in the real world to have that faith. If you would have been in my place, the same answer will come from your mouth. You won’t find a SINGLE person on this planet who would be ready to accept or partner with someone under those circumstances; bet you on that. Don’t consider me going harsh but I just wanted to tell you the reality since you are a newbie and I really want the newbies to know the reality whether someone finds me harsh or not that’s not my problem.

      BTW, you mentioned that you need some kind of mentoring. If that’s the case, then I will recommend you commission avalanche which was recently launched. –

      • Corrado Nigro
        March 9, 2012
        12:22 am

        Hi Suzanne,

        Thanks for answering me,
        I understand and sure accept your point of view and I’ll treasure of your advice.

        Have a nice day


  5. mona
    March 7, 2012
    3:41 pm

    can i use my website instead of hostgator andgodaddy

    • Suzanne Fox
      March 9, 2012
      12:16 am

      yes you can use your own hosting if you have.

  6. Pete
    March 8, 2012
    12:07 am

    Will this software work on a MAC, or just PC? Or is all offered online? I need to know before buying soon. Thanks.

    • Suzanne Fox
      March 9, 2012
      12:47 am

      It’s a software which will work on any computer easily.

    • Geoff Reese
      March 10, 2012
      12:46 am

      Just thought I’d offer some help on the Mac question because I recently emailed support with that very same question. Here’s the response I received.

      Thank you for contacting me with your enquiry.

      I can advise that there is not a download for the program to work on the Mac OSX operating system.

      The download is a .exe file this means that you will need to use parallels or Bootcamp and have a windows operating system installed.

      This will allow you to boot into windows when you wish to use the program, you will also be able to load up into OSX when you wish to use your mac how it is.

      I hope this information has been helpful.

      If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask.

      • Suzanne Fox
        March 10, 2012
        1:38 am

        yes, that’s how I’m using it on mac. I think every mac owner should know how to run windows .exe files on mac as this world is dominated by windows OS even though Mac is better in many ways compared to windows 🙂

  7. james more
    March 9, 2012
    4:03 pm

    Hello !!

    Just a quick question I hope you will answer for me:

    1) I see this product is sold through G2S (I do not know this company) – Do they provide a money back guarantee if the system is not working. ?

    • Suzanne Fox
      March 10, 2012
      1:42 am

      yes, they are a very reputable company and have valid certificates. You are 100% assured of that money back guarantee.

  8. Corrado Nigro
    March 14, 2012
    3:41 pm

    my compliments Suzanne.

    I like the way you do product reviews and it is really valuable content. the most i see on internet are only to sell a product so they lack of sincerity. and they often don’t even know the product they’re talking about as they didn’t test it.

    just my appreciation for you work and your real sincerity


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    I try my best to keep myself updated with new product launches and review it very first with the most authentic details and proofs. That's what makes different from others.For my splendid work in this field, I've been awarded two times in a row in an affiliate marketing conference which is held every year and I will try to grab it again with my work.

    I wish you great success in life.

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