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QUICK CLICK COMMISSIONS Review – Learn How TO Make Quick-Click-Commissions

Launch Date : 23th January 2012
Official Website :
Created By : Jessica and Mike Auton
Pricing : $46 with 2 upsells (mentioned below)


Quick Click Commissions Review – On Monday night, I managed to secretly access quick-click-commissions system by Jessica. I also managed to checkout the quick click commissions upsells and there were two upsells about which I will talking about later in this quick-click-commissions review… So lets start then…

jessica quick click commissionsJessica’s Quick Click Commission basically provides you two software programs with some amount of training which reveals a secret tactic to make money from your facebook account. It basically helps you create a facebook optimized page (can’t write down the exact secret word) which you just need to copy-paste into your facebook account and then comes the money.


You basically select an amazon product or clickbank product to promote and hit the generate button. It will produce a secret code which you just need to copy and paste. Once that is done, you will see affiliate income in your amazon account or clickbank account in next few days.

To prove you that I DID got access to quick click commissions software, let me go ahead and show you its members area. Have a look at quick click commissions members access:

Quick Click Commissions.

You see that? that was my proof that I downloaded quick click commissions software. Moving on, I tested this software for 2 days and here is the result when I used the amazon version of quick click commissions. My amazon associates (affiliate) account earnings…

quick click commissions

See that? I know its a small amount but consider that I have just started using it and when the beginning is so sweet, the future is surely going to be successful with quick click commissions.

So, I would say quick click commissions software system is really great and you must buy it quickly at what $46? are you kidding me? it’s a steal at that price..I will rate it 4.58/5

Let’s move onto quick click commissions upsells…Here are the two upsells of quickclickcommissions I got access to:

  • Quick Click Commissions – The Next Level : Priced at $196, this is the first upsell that will be presented to you and I wil highly recommend you to consider it. It will basically give you many things. A Traffic Accelerator software, lots of training on how to earn more, private coaching, talk with the support team to get your doubt solved in priority, and a lot more… As I said, I will highly recommend you to buy this upsell if you can.
  • Quick Click Commissions – ELITE PRO – This is the 2nd and final upsell. Costing $196, its seriously value for money. You get lots of training again; something new this time, you get access to his awesome link building software, and ability to create free auto sites without needing a domain name or web hosting. They will do it all for you. Recommended if you can afford.

Verdict: Let me say that first that quick click commissions is NOT a scam. It’s a genuine product that works and will help you make money online if you use it properly and as guided easily. So I will highly recommend you this one.

If you have any questions about quick click commissions 2.0 then just comment below…

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106 Comments Add yours

  1. Tim
    January 25, 2012
    10:13 pm

    This is seriously great man..means awesome!! I purchased jessica’s quick click commissions yesterday and thought that this could be just another scam or maybe not as claimed kind of product I’m going to buy again..BUT HECK NO! this is something genious which has made me about $79 on amazon. This is freaking cool!! I never made easy money like this before and I am going to use it now big scale to see how it goes…if you guyz have any questions to throw at me then just reply back !

    PS. here’s where you can buy quick click commissions without watching the whole video again

    • asim
      January 27, 2012
      9:47 am

      Hi Tim,
      I am Asim from Pakistan, I have bought Quick Click Commissions with next level upsell, i need some help regarding promotion of clickbank product by using the templates of this softeare, i am totally new to this online business, i mean i have made 2 facebook pages four days ago, used the backlinking software and to have these pages on google, still all effort is in vain, To cut the long story short, i dont know how to promote these pages. Tim, I will be Highly Obliged if you will help/guide me through, Thanks in advance.

      • Tim
        January 30, 2012
        9:08 pm

        hi asim,
        Promoting these pages is mainly focused on obtaining good rankings on google for keywords. So JUST work on seo i.e. link building. You can build backlinks using the software which is working great for me. Don’t know why it’s not for you…maybe your niche is competitive or could be something else. You can post articles on article directories to build backlinks or can do social bookmarking,

        Also, my suggestion would be to go for promoting Amazon products as people are searching with credit cards in their hand when looking for some product. So you have more chances of making money. Let me know if I can be of any help to you asim.

        Hope you achieve success with quick click commissions…

    • Rick
      January 29, 2012
      8:57 am

      Hello Tim, just checked out your your comment, would like to know if this is realy genuine? I Have tried alot of programs, and would really like to make some money. You can e-mail me if you like. Thanks


      • Tim
        January 30, 2012
        8:52 pm

        hi rick! regarding your question, all I can say that it DOES WORK. Just give it some time and also use your own brain power and creativity to make it more stronger. Till now, I’ve made about $748.52 using Amazon and Clickbank combined just with the help of this quick click commissions software…Want to know more? just ask me! 😀

    • Gloria
      January 30, 2012
      8:43 pm

      Hey Tim, Is this doable for someone w/o a website? I am a savvy shopper and would love to get into this type of IM. Does it work with a new FB page? How does it work with multiple products (multiple FB pages)? And is it doable w/o the upsells? Was your $79 using any upsell? Thanks much … just can’t buy any more shiny objects!!

      • Tim
        January 30, 2012
        9:11 pm

        yes this method doesn’t needs a website gloria. Tat’s why it is called “make money with facebook”. Yes, you have to create a new fb account and then follow the quick click commissions trick.

        It is doable w/o upsells but then you won’t know how to promote these pages exactly and automate the seo process which the upsells HELPS.

        Yes, I did purchased the upsells listed above. What’s bad in it when I have already recovered my full costs now? 😛

  2. Timothy
    January 26, 2012
    11:13 pm

    I have a question email me at (email ID removed) thanks

    • Reviewer
      January 27, 2012
      8:41 am

      Sorry Timothy, please post your question here itself. I can’t assist you personally on email. Let everyone know your question and my answer to it. 🙂

  3. wayne
    January 27, 2012
    2:50 am

    prople in illinois cannot be an amazon affiliate–any suggestions ?

    • Reviewer
      January 27, 2012
      8:46 am

      Is it so? I don’t know about this issue exactly. Illinois is in USA, right? So I think they must be accepting..Did you tried registering?

      Anyways, quick click commission also supports clickbank.

      If still you think this isn’t for you then I recommend you to have a look at affiliate cash snipers as it supports more affiliate networks but their idea and methodology is different. –

      • Connect
        February 1, 2012
        2:02 am

        Illinois is one of a handful of states that decided to charge sales tax on Amazon affiliates, so Amazon told Illinois to stick it where the sun don’t shine. They killed any sort of affiliate program there.

  4. Stan
    January 28, 2012
    12:30 am

    Bought Quick Commissions from u and did all the steps up until — The software won’t open up. What now ???

    • Reviewer
      January 28, 2012
      2:00 pm

      What problem you are exactly having? Explain the error…

      You have a mac or windows computer? And do you have adobe air installed in your computer?

      The download page lists some useful troubleshooting problems. You can contact the support team here –

  5. Bictor
    January 28, 2012
    4:31 am

    I just purchased this product and i have a quick question. How often do I have to ping it? Are we suppose to just ping each once or how does it work? i’m confused.

    • Reviewer
      January 28, 2012
      1:56 pm

      Yes, ping it once. And if it doesn’t gets indexed the next day, then ping it again and also build some backlinks to it. Quick Click Commission upsells does some link building work also if you grabbed it.

  6. George
    January 28, 2012
    9:23 am

    Do this software work on mac computers? And do you need a face book account to use it?

    • Reviewer
      January 28, 2012
      1:53 pm

      Yes, you can use the windows version on mac computers also if you know how to. It’s damn easy to do it. I am also doing it. You can Google if you don’t know how exactly you can do it. And you will need a facebook account to make use of their software. If you don’t have a facebook account, then just create a one and stat making money. Make sure not to use this software on your main facebook account which you use on daily basis. Always create a NEW fb account only for making money online purpose.

  7. Champ
    January 28, 2012
    7:10 pm

    I have been recieving this in my email & have been to the site. I have also checked this out thru other sites such as yours. But I am still a little halted & would like to have a few more questions answered.
    (1). For the price of $ 46.00 to start the program, What all do one get?
    (2). Will the program begain to work off of the $46.00.? or will one have to invest more to start?
    (3).Can one begain with the $46.00 leval & work their way up to the $196.00 level & the next level?

    • Reviewer
      January 28, 2012
      7:23 pm

      Hello there,

      Ans.1 – You get two softwares that will help you make money with amazon and clickbank respectively using a facebook account.

      Ans.2 – It depends on you whether you want to do MORE manual work and spend MORE time in this stuff or automate it completely using the upsells or some other software. The main thing you need to do after using the quick click commissions software is to generate backlinks and improve search rankings of your secret pages. This can be accomplished using the upsells or any other tool/service you may be knowing/having.

      Ans.3 – I didn’t understood your last question.

  8. Betty
    January 28, 2012
    8:21 pm

    I am thinking of trying Quick Click Commissions, but would like to know if the initial software has all the instructions on what to do on my facebook account?

    • Reviewer
      January 29, 2012
      1:21 am

      Yes, obviously! it does explain you how to do that otherwise how will you make money when you don’t know what to do with the software and why would anyone buy it. Obviously, they are explaining the whole process inside the members area. So just buy it and give it a try 🙂

  9. Bictor
    January 28, 2012
    9:48 pm

    I thought the pinging sites alone would help rank my notes?
    Is there anyway to get backlinks for free?

    • Reviewer
      January 29, 2012
      1:19 am

      pinging it will just get it indexed in google. The ranking will completely depend on what Google thinks about its quality and competitiveness. To improve your rankings, you will have to build backlinks for sure. And for this, the upsells will be great. Talking about free, well there is no such thing for inner pages. You will have to do it manually like by forum commenting, blog commenting, article writing etc. Its a very tedious job if you don’t know 🙂

  10. Sandy
    January 29, 2012
    1:16 am

    hello boyz and galz…I’m really excited to share with you that this is working for me..LOVE IT!
    this is a really sweet software and easy to use. I purchased this on 25th jan after properly investigating about it and when I got little positive; I purchased it without any second thought. I also purchased both the upsells as I wanted to use it properly without any negotiation on technology.

    So what did I make and why I am happy? Well, well, well…I made about $234 something on amazon and $100 something on clickbank. Honeyyy, that’s enough for me I think to buy some goodies like cosmetics etc… 🙂

    going to use it more in coming days..great job jessica..I want to be like you!

    • Aldona Motyka
      February 3, 2012
      9:16 am

      hi.I did listen to Jesica.Damn she is wright or she is good psicht.
      And right now you.I am going to believe in it and open my wallet
      one and last time.Well,it has to work and pay for my work to.
      Thanks for encourage it helped.
      Good luck and keep in touch.
      My regards Aldona

  11. Bictor
    January 29, 2012
    11:20 am

    Oh ok. Is there any way i could still buy the upsells after i have already purchased the software?

    • Reviewer
      January 30, 2012
      8:37 pm

      I’ve sent you an email on how to buy them.

  12. Angela
    January 30, 2012
    11:12 am

    Can I start with the 46.00 then add the upgrade once I have made enough money for it? I have been out of work and it is going to be hard enough to pay the 46.00.

    • Reviewer
      January 30, 2012
      7:16 pm

      To buy the upgrades later, please contact me using the contact form when you decide to buy them. You continue with your purchase of main product 🙂

      • Cassandra
        January 30, 2012
        11:19 pm

        Can I make money on my initial investment of $46.00. after reading all the reviews i don’t see where anyone has actually made money with the $46.00 investment. I would love to purchase the upsells but only after i have made money off the initial purchase. I would appreciate your feedback.

        • Reviewer
          February 2, 2012
          9:12 pm

          yes you definitely can if you already have got some advance level knowledge in affiliate marketing & seo. If you are a complete newbie then upsells are recommended. If you want to purchase them later then do contact me on how to get them because you can’t actually buy it easily once you have skipped it.

  13. james bond007
    January 31, 2012
    6:53 pm

    this really worked for me.and i am really happy that i made $800 only on the first week after buying it.thank jessica..

  14. Deutschland
    February 2, 2012
    6:23 pm

    can i use this from germany? Or does it only work for the US?

    • Reviewer
      February 2, 2012
      6:42 pm

      yes you can use quick click commissions from anywhere in the world.

  15. Maverick
    February 2, 2012
    7:27 pm


    I was wondering if this works well without the upsells (i will buy them later when i can make some money because i am on disability benefits cant afford much) but i was wondering if you can still make money with just the basic program but have to do more work maybe to begin with. Or is it that if you dont buy the upsells you are not really going to make any money from the product?

    • Reviewer
      February 2, 2012
      9:07 pm

      the basic program does work but without upsells you will have to do more manual work and it will take lots of your time. Also the upsells offer you some great training on quick click commission method so it will ultimately help you in a great way if you don’t have any advance level knowledge in affiliate marketing.. if you can buy it, it will be great..

  16. Maverick
    February 2, 2012
    8:57 pm

    Sorry also forgot to ask about the facebook side of things. I have never signed up to facebook before for the simple reason i dont really want to be involved with social media like constantly having to update profile pages adding friends talking to friends updating your timeline etc……….does all of this stuff need to be done or is facebook just a medium in which to sort out your sales pages without the rest of hassle and timewasting that facebook generally is used for?

    • Reviewer
      February 2, 2012
      9:07 pm

      you don’t need to update your facebook status or make friends. nothing like that is needed in this method.

  17. Maverick
    February 2, 2012
    10:02 pm

    thanks for the information. I was wondering if i can struggle through and make some money to begin with before buying the upsells, when i can afford the upsells can you buy them easily a while after buying the main product or do you lose the chance to buy them forever?

    • Reviewer
      February 2, 2012
      10:07 pm

      Unfortunately, you do loose the chance to buy it later but I can help you getting them if you have skipped them. Just use the contact form on this blog whenever you feel to buy the upsells later.

      • Jenn
        February 4, 2012
        6:24 pm

        I don’t know anything about online marketing & such, like absolutely nothing, is this going to be extremely hard to do? I’ve tried other things & got totally lost & confused?

        • Reviewer
          February 5, 2012
          9:19 pm

          Its very easy to follow. Trust me. People have already witnessed the power of quick click commissions and are reporting their earnings every single day which is just great.

  18. Rowena
    February 4, 2012
    10:24 am

    hi there, I am Rowena from the Philippines, and the reason why I landed on this page is because I watched Jessica’s video by chance why I am searching for my daughters project in school. Nonetheless, I am doing paid to click job for almost 2 years and I don’t get to the point yet where I would say I am satisfied. I can’t even get my investment back, ouccchhhh!!!. Just wanna know if this quick click commissions is really true, how much does it really cost, i am a little bit confused by $46 and $196, which is which? thank you all so much

    • Reviewer
      February 5, 2012
      9:27 pm

      hi Rowena.

      I agree to you. Making money online using paid to click sites is really time consuming (read: waste of time) and earning few cents a day is just a stupid thing to do. Quick Click Commissions is for rescue because it can literally help you earn $500-1000 every day using amazon and clickbank if you follow the right path. The main product cost is $46. $196 is for the upsells which will be presented to you. It is not mandatory to buy them but they are recommended from me.

      Let me know if you have any more questions regarding quick-click-commissions.

  19. Henry Argueta
    February 5, 2012
    4:47 am

    i was wondering if only works for clickbank and amazon?
    or would it work for other affiliate programs such as rapbank or CPA??

    • Reviewer
      February 5, 2012
      8:49 pm

      works only for clickbank and amazon as they are the most popular and biggest having many product to promote and make money.

  20. Ronald
    February 5, 2012
    8:05 pm

    Hi There

    Do you have to buy the upsells before you can make any real money or will the initial $46 be OK to start with and then buy the upsells later. Or do you have to buy the upsellls at the same time as buying the $46 version?



    • Reviewer
      February 5, 2012
      8:47 pm

      In your own words, it will be just OK but not too good without upsells. So I suggest taking at least one upsell specifically the next level upgrade.

  21. Michael
    February 5, 2012
    8:20 pm

    I ordered QCC 6 days ago and I’ve noticed, that every Click Bank product I’m trying to promote had been flagged by FaceBook with something called WOT Web Of Trust Which is a tool that let you you whether a site is safe or not. So far all the Click Banks product site have been deems unsafe. Won’t this hurt me if my Facebook friends see this and don’t click on the site? I know it I saw something like that, I would not click on the site. Can you explain what I should do about that?
    By the way, there is no problem with Amazon products

    • Reviewer
      February 5, 2012
      8:42 pm

      Which product did you select from clickbank to promote using qcc? I used it myself to promote a clickbank product and there is nothing like that. The redirection works properly without any warning or notification about which you are telling (and yeah, I know what you are talking about; its a security feature of facebook). Promoting that clickbank product, I’m making $70-$100 every day on avg.. Maybe you have selected any adult product or something else. Just let me know what you decided to promote.

      • Michael
        February 5, 2012
        9:40 pm

        First of all I would not promote adult products and any type of offensive product.

        The products I’ve tried to promote on FaceBook have been

        {Product Name Removed. Thanks for informing. – Admin)

        To name a few.

        And I did use the ClickBank Dominator to generate a review

        And just another note, when I try to promote a Click Bank product on CraigsList, it’s also rejected/blocked and no, I’m not promoting adult material.

        • Reviewer
          February 5, 2012
          10:44 pm

          Alright, I managed to create a solution. This is the reason probably I wasn’t getting any such messages on my qcc made pages. So the trick is – Go to a url shortening service and the one I recommend is tinyurl. There, paste your clickbank hop link and click the button to generate your tinyurl link. Now copy this and in the clickbank dominator software where it asks for url, just paste your new shortened tinyurl link. It will start working again 🙂

  22. Tony
    February 5, 2012
    10:33 pm

    Hi, I am getting the same WOT pop up and its not to do with illegal content from me so I do not know either what causes it, probably just a facebook eccentricity. Who knows !? does anybody

    • Reviewer
      February 5, 2012
      10:45 pm

      This problem has been solved now 🙂

  23. sam
    February 7, 2012
    2:56 am

    you will need to have facebook to use this system. what if you only have just few hundred facebook friends, still will work?? do you need have thousands friends or more??

    • Reviewer
      February 7, 2012
      11:45 am

      It doesn’t depends on how many fb friends you have. Because it is not related to ‘facebook profile’ in any way. Your fb account can even have 0 friends and still quick click commissions will work for you.

  24. Oneida Turcios-Wong
    February 7, 2012
    5:44 am

    Hello everyone!

    I have been hearing a lot about this great product called “QUICK CLICK COMMISSION”. The first time I came across it I decided to take a look at and it really intrigued me and raised my hopes when I read that I had to copy and paste a “code” on my Facebook account. By the way, I already have a Facebook account but it’s my personal account – to be honest I’m not very expert at using FB. Will I have to create a 2nd. FB account just for the use of QCC?

    Can a non-expert person with Facebook like myself make money make money with QCC? I am more than open and willing to learn all the process! I have been looking for a genuine program to make money online since 2003! The ones I have found so far were all SCAMS, took my hard earned money and was left with a big frustration.

    I planning on getting this program QCC, but I would like to know if after buying the program and start learning – how long will it take me until I start making money? For now, as many that commented on this forum can’t afford to buy all the upsells – but thanks to the comments that ‘Reviewer” posted about buying the upsells later! How many upsells are there? 1 or 2 after the purchase of $46?

    Is it really true that I don’t need to have a website to make this program work? Because I don’t have one anyway, jajaja! I am a complete newbie not to the internet but to this kind revolutions online such a QCC!

    Will appreciate if anyone can answer my questions.



    • Reviewer
      February 7, 2012
      7:58 pm

      Hi oneida,

      – “Will I have to create a 2nd. FB account just for the use of QCC?”
      Well i will personally suggest you to create a new fb account. It hardly takes few minutes and you didn’t have to fill your own details. just create a fake one as your details doesn’t matters for the use in this method.

      – “Can a non-expert person with Facebook like myself make money make money with QCC?”
      You don’t need to be an expert to make quick click commissions. It is made for newbies.

      – “how long will it take me until I start making money?”
      you must read the earning disclaimer on the website. But I personally feel that people are really getting good results so you should be able to make some money using it.

      – “How many upsells are there”
      I’ve stated it already in this review. Please go through it again.

      – “Is it really true that I don’t need to have a website to make this program work?”
      you REALLY don’t need a website. Its a completely based on making money with facebook.

      Hope my answers were helpful to you.

      • Oneida Turcios-Wong
        February 8, 2012
        2:43 am

        Hello “Reviewer” for answering my questions.

        I have heard that creating a 2nd. account on Facebook is against their policies, I’ve heard they only allow 1 account per person, if they find one has created a 2nd account they cancel all your accounts with them! IS THIS TRUE? DOES ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THIS?

        Will appreciate if you can or anyone that is knowledgeable in this issue can clarify if it is so.

        Thanks again for taking the time to answer each of our questions! 🙂

        PS. I don’t mind using the only account I have with FB-because I wouldn’t want them to cancel my account or ban me for creating a 2nd. account.

        • Reviewer
          February 8, 2012
          11:59 am

          No, this never happens. You can create as many accounts as you want. It just their terms and they can detect whether a person has made one account or multiple account. They are just trying to force you to believe them while it is not possible.

  25. Nayeem
    February 7, 2012
    10:41 pm

    Hello Sir,

    I Am really interested in buying this Product and I will be more happy to buy it from this website.

    Before that I really have one question which is not properly answered in all above questionaries.

    Please tell me one thing,

    I won’t be able to really buy any upsells as I am already starving for money, But I will buy this product at any cost, so could I will land up making any money even it is $100 per month or so by following the methods illustrated in that site without any further investment after that ??

    Will be very thankful if I get straightforward reply for this question.

    Md. Nayeem

    • Reviewer
      February 7, 2012
      10:58 pm

      If you are a newbie then without upsells, you can make a descent amount online about which you mentioned in your comment but not too much as for that you will need experience which only the upsells will offer.

  26. Joe
    February 8, 2012
    8:01 am

    I’m curious of the two products, Commission Breakthrough and QCC, which do you prefer in terms of the amount of money you’re making and ease of use.

    Are they in any way similar?

    • Reviewer
      February 12, 2012
      5:12 am

      QCC is more easier to understand. Commission Breakthrough reveals a really underground method but requires a little more effort but can be very helpful.

      They are not similar in any way…

  27. Diane Estrada
    February 10, 2012
    1:17 am

    I will be needing the upsell links.

    Thank you,

    Houston, Texas

  28. Hande
    February 22, 2012
    6:22 pm

    Can I really earn money by Quick Click Commissions in Turkey as well? Or, after buying it, will it also tell me that I cannot use it unless I live in USA, like the other online earning programs that claimed to be working outside USA?
    How can I be sure that I will be able to earn money outside USA?

    • Reviewer
      February 23, 2012
      6:38 am

      well, you can make money using quick click commissions as long as clickbank and amazon allows affiliates to participate from your country. To my knowledge, they allow people from turkey. So its a good thing for you…

  29. Hande
    February 22, 2012
    6:36 pm

    I have one more question: As a complete newbie, will I have to give too much of my time to this, because I don’t know anything about how to creat a link, etc?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Reviewer
      February 23, 2012
      6:40 am

      If you don’t know how to do all that, then don’t worry. All that is a part of training as quick click commissions is made keeping newbies in mind so they teach you the basics like the one you are not knowing about right now… It takes very less time to learn all this.

  30. Hande
    February 23, 2012
    2:03 pm

    How can I understand whether Amazon allows affiliates to participate from Turkey or not?

  31. Sat
    February 24, 2012
    12:14 am


    I have gone through almost all reviews of yours for the products released during Feb and Jan. I have observed that you have given positive remarks for all and you have showed your earning details for QCC which is impressive. It is already over 1 month since QCC launched. Is this worth buying QCC now ?. Dont you think

    • Reviewer
      February 24, 2012
      12:45 am

      the method is still working.

  32. Sat
    February 24, 2012
    12:32 am


    I do not see your name anywhere ?. May I know why you are keeping it secret ?.

    Secondly, I gone to various reviewers site but I noticed a big difference between them and yours. The difference is : you are personally using these software and showing us the results. This is the positive point of yours and reliable.

    Thirdly, you also provide customer care service/helping/guiding us irrespective of buying from your affiliate link or not. That is great. You seems to be honest person which is rare on the net. I congratulate you.

    I am totally convinced with your review and decided buy QCC complete package. Do you help me by sharing your honest experience if I do not understand or not able to proceed further ?.

    Is there anyway I can keep in touch with through email/skype ?.

    Lastly, I have already opened several affiliate marketers link of QCC and I am sure that the cookies of first click is registered in my computer. Even If i use your affiliate link the commision will not goes to you. could you guide me how should I ensure the affiliate commision goes to you ?.

    Waiting for your honest answer.



    • Reviewer
      February 24, 2012
      12:45 am

      thanks for your compliments.

      you can contact me anytime using the contact form present on this blog or just commenting on this post –

      also, if you are looking to buy QCC by awarding me the affiliate commission then just close your browser window and start the browser again.

      visit this link (copy this) :

      … and finalize your purchase without going on any other blog.

  33. Gabriele
    February 28, 2012
    6:40 pm

    I have tried different earning methods but pactically no one of them is valid. I would like to ask you how much time does it take to achieve the first results and if there are any montly fees apart from the inital $46 and/or the $196

    • Suzanne Fox
      February 29, 2012
      2:34 pm

      There are no monthly fees.

      You can achieve similar results like me in a week or so.

  34. makayla
    March 2, 2012
    2:38 pm

    hello and like your page two thing do i have to worry about paying my domain or hosting every month if i go with the next level. and is there a big different between the 2 upsells. but i will go with the next level.

    thank you so much.

    • Suzanne Fox
      March 3, 2012
      5:43 pm

      The answer is simply no!! I have stated it many time in this review and in comments that this has nothing to with having a website or hosting. YOU WILL NOT NEED IT UNDER THIS METHOD. I hope you understand it this time. Yes, there is a big difference between those two upsells.

  35. Gema
    March 5, 2012
    2:36 pm

    Hi Suzanne

    I have purchased QCC but not the upsell and would like to purchase it now can You help?


    • Suzanne Fox
      March 6, 2012
      1:56 pm

      I will send you an email. Lookout for that.

  36. RVC
    March 11, 2012
    6:30 pm

    Good Morning,

    Complete Newbie here. Do I understand this: $46, then $196 then another $196 for both upgrades? ($438.00)?
    I don’t want to buy in and sit there not making money. I also want to know the bad news upfront.

    Thank You

    • Suzanne Fox
      March 12, 2012
      10:33 pm

      yup you are right with cost if you want to buy the upsells. They are not mandatory but recommended.

  37. Ben
    March 18, 2012
    8:58 pm

    HI Tim

    I am not sure who you are but maybe you can help me. I have been looking a QUICK CLICH COMMISSION and it looks good, but I Have some ?s.

    I am short on both money and time. If buy it what 2 would be the best to buy and how would I use my time between them. I only have about 8 hrs per week. If I
    am able to get all three then how would I divide up my time?


  38. Ben
    March 20, 2012
    6:02 pm

    Is this link still open?

    • Suzanne Fox
      March 20, 2012
      10:13 pm

      yes, its still open.

  39. Ben
    March 22, 2012
    12:16 am


    This program looks very good. I have some ?. Is it like a teacher that has done it and now teaching us how to do it and some are good and others are not. With your 2 add on are they like advanced studies and you need to get the basic of the system understood first. Which of the 2 add ons would be the best to start with and how much time is needed to devote to the system to make it work. Does adding the add ons make it easer or take more time.

    Thank you Ben

    • Suzanne Fox
      March 22, 2012
      8:56 pm

      You are thinking absolutely right. That’s what it is… And the upsells makes it even easier and less time consuming with better chances to make money. Both the upsells are just good so I can’t pick the best out of the best 😀

  40. frsibl
    March 22, 2012
    8:10 pm

    Hi, i would like to ask a question regarding the 60 day money back guarantee this product offers… Lets say if i already bought this product for $49 and also the 2 upsells of $196 each totalling of $449 sumtin… Lets say if im not totally satisfied with this product, Do they also offer refund for the two upsells ? Bcuz the two upsells are much more expensive than the main product i see…

    • Suzanne Fox
      March 22, 2012
      8:57 pm

      Yes, that’s the refund policy.

  41. frsibl
    March 23, 2012
    10:43 am

    I already bought the system with only the first upsells… I didnt buy the 2nd one bcuz i have some problems with the payment, paypal doesnt approve my payment n i really dont know why… Can u give me the link to buy the 2nd upsell ?

    • Suzanne Fox
      March 24, 2012
      1:28 am

      please use the contact form on this blog to send me an email and I will send you the link to buy it.

    • Caramel
      March 24, 2012
      7:51 am

      I want to know soon as you sign up is it required for you to purchase the upsell, or do you have to purchase it to start making money,or can you start making money and then purchase it later?

      • Suzanne Fox
        March 25, 2012
        12:06 pm

        yes, you will be shown the upsell. You can deny them at that place or buy it. You won’t be offered the upsells again in future. So remember that.

  42. Don
    May 4, 2012
    10:38 pm

    Do you need facebook in order to use this product?

    • Suzanne Fox
      May 4, 2012
      11:37 pm

      yes, you will need a facebook account. It is not necessary to have an original fb account with valid details.

  43. James
    May 29, 2012
    4:10 pm

    Hello, Is this still working well? Can i still make some decent money from it?

    • Suzanne Fox
      May 29, 2012
      5:23 pm

      yes, you can still utilize this method to make money online.

  44. anthony
    June 22, 2012
    4:32 am

    So , then what is all that I will need to get this going clickbank ,amazon and facebook account ???
    or what
    please help

    • Suzanne Fox
      June 22, 2012
      2:30 pm

      You will need accounts on all these websites to get going and make money online with quick click commissions. Don’t worry, creating accounts on these website is very easy and free of cost. Make sure you follow the instructions given in the members area regarding how to register on these networks properly.

  45. Arlen
    June 30, 2012
    1:15 pm

    Hi! Can I join quick click commissions though I live in the Philippines? Thanks!

    • Suzanne Fox
      June 30, 2012
      1:30 pm

      yes you can but make sure you buy from the link above in the post. and do buy the upsells.

  46. tlockett
    July 20, 2012
    5:31 am

    do i need my own website to use this?

    • Suzanne Fox
      July 20, 2012
      11:46 pm

      No, you don’t need your website to use this. it uses facebook which is free.

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