Brian G. Johnson and Aidan Booth Rank and Pillage REVIEW – SCAM?

By Suzanne Fox On Jul 2011 Under Internet Business

Brian G. Johnson & Aidan Booth Rank and Pillage – Learn How To Get Good Google Rankings and Make Money Online

Product Name: Rank and Pillage | RankAndPillage | Rank & Pillage
Launch Date
: 26th July 2011
Official Website :
Created By : Brian G. Johnson and Aidan Booth
Pricing : $4.95 for 7 days trial or $77 one time

A Quick Overview At Rank and Pillage :

Here is my rank and pillage review…

Rank and Pillage may be the brand new online marketing course produced by Brian G Johnson and Aidan Booth that is being launched about the 26th July 2011. I have been lucky enough t acquires some inside understanding of the course and I am going to share everything with you!

Firstly, Rank and Pillage isn’t like any other course available on the market. It’s been a piece in progress for more than 7 months and possesses the exact strategies utilized by Brian G Johnson and Aidan Booth to usher in hundreds of thousands of dollars within the last few years.

The course provides a huge core manual (over 250 many pages) as well as a members area full of over 100 videos. The good thing of all however is the fact that all the content is loaded with real ways of help you makes money online quickly, you will not find any fluff here.


The course is split into 8 modules, each tackling another aspect of online marketing. Let’s take a closer inspection at each from the modules:

Module 1: Summary of Rank and Pillage – This module may be the course introduction. It’s at online marketing in general and discusses precisely what you need to be able to succeed.

Module 2: Traffic Battle Plan – Module 2 compares the amount of traffic (readers) you need, as well as the type of traffic, to make money out of your website.

Module 3: SEO Siege – The SEO Siege modules dives deep in to the world of SEO and explains at length how to rank # 1 in Google. This really is personally among my favorite modules within the entire course because most of the strategies are completely new, work very well, and have never been shared before!

Module 4: The Pillage Blueprints – This is actually the money making module. Inside “The Pillage Blueprints” Brian and Aidan reveal a diverse selection of different income generating methods, each divided into a simple to follow step-by-step blueprint. Within this module you’ll find out how make money via Adsense, Clickbank, through selling physical products on Amazon and Cj . com, through targeting product launches, e-mail marketing and much more.

Module 5: Fortress Foundation Brick by Brick – Within this module Brian Johnson and Aidan Booth walk-through the set-up of the website. If you have never used WordPress before or just want to know the very best, proven way of creating a search engine optimization optimized and conversion optimized website, this is actually the module you’ll take a look at.

Module 6: Link Catapult Formulas – Here Brian and Aidan reveal several thorough link building plans. Each plan’s broken down into day-by-day steps which make it as easy as possible to follow along with. This is the most thorough backlink building plan I have seen produced in quite a long time.

Module 7: King of the Empire – After you have a website which makes money, it’s relatively easy to consider it one stage further and earn lots of money from it. This is just what this modules about – how you can dominate a distinct segment and earn serious money!

Module 8: Outsourcing Crusade – Outsourcing continues to be hyped a great deal over the last couple of years but not many gurus actually do it. Aidan Booth is experienced in outsourcing and you will learn the just how to outsource for top quality work on the best prices within this module. This area of the course is made for people who wish to grow their business faster than ever before.

Rank and Pillage has become a course that sets a brand new benchmark and sends a genuine message towards the scammers available. I recommend you to get this product today because it’s really great.

There is only one upsell, called Rank & Pillage 90 Day Bootcamp + Halloween Super Affiliate 2011 Access which I will highly recommend you to consider. There is a downsell for this but in that you won’t get halloween super affiliate 2011 access.

Overall, my rating for rank and pillage in this review will be 4.28/5

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