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REVOLVING COMMISSIONS REVIEW – Learn How To Make Revolving Commission Online

Product Name: Revolving Commissions | RevolvingCommissions
Launch Date
: 16th January 2011
Official Website :
Created By : Blake Barrett with Jerome Chapman, Jamie Lewis and Travis Stephenson.
Pricing : $39 with 3 upsells


REVOLVING COMMISSIONS REVIEW – Somehow, I managed to get revolving commissions membership for a one time payment of $39 through clickbank. There were also 3 upsells presented to me that I purchased. Revolving Commission has been created by internet marketers jerome chapman and blake barrett. They are also known as the CB cave team.

Blake Barrett’s Revolving Commissions Membership offers a great amount of training through videos and pdfs. It reveals a secret method of making revolving commissions by generating great of traffic for your affiliate offers. The Revolving Commissions basically lets you AUTOMATICALLY create social platforms where you get paid to LET people interact! I found the whole platform really good and unique.

In literally 5 steps that took me less than 15 full minutes to complete – the platform created/ registered/ AND monetized a complete social environment. Its a viral marketing platform. This is an interactive platform.

What this system does, is allows you to profit by talking about things that you already love! And I don’t mean updating a blog with a minimum of 650 words each day, or spinning articles until your head hurts… I mean just sitting back and chatting with buddies about things that interest you.  Nothing boring about that, right?

What revolving commissions do is create social platforms for you automatically.  For you, that means there is No HTML required; No FTP to worry about; No Hosting bills to pay; Heck, you don’t even need a domain name!

I think the concept is really attention grabbing. I would rate it at 4.39/5 – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED,rest is up to you…


Revolving Commissions

There are Three upsells of revolving commissions. Here are the upsells of revolving commissions that I purchased and are really good.

  • Revolving Commissions (Advanced Personal Training) – $197 one time – you get personal training on traffic generation and internet marketing. This is an amazing solution, one where you can beat the learning curve 100% and get up and running immediately. You basically get to attend the live webinars which the revolving commissions team will be organizing from time to time. They will provide one on one assistance in setting up a campaign and sustaining it for long time earning income. Recommend by me.
  • Revolving Commissions ( We Drive Your Traffic ) – $1 for first 7 days and then $97/mo. – They bring traffic to your affiliate pages/url. So you just need to sit back and relax. You basically get your websites signed up to receive unlimited direct targeted traffic. I will personally recommend you to buy this upsell anyhow. Basically, you pay an enrollment fee for commission kickstart i.e. after logging into the members area plus getting your social platform up and running…you will simply enter your URL into a specific box and they will automatically add your site to their queue.
  • NEW UPDATE: Revolving Commissions (Create An Online Business)– I was notified about their new upsell today and it is only for those who are very bad at learning something or have very less time left after their 9-5 or anything else. Basically, this upsell is going to set you up with two complete online businesses and all you have to do is choose what niche you like (there are over 40 of them), choose a domain and then click the install button. In total, you get Two Complete Automated Businesses + 1 Year Of Hosting For Each Site. I will pretty much recommend you this to get started with revolving commissions system quickly.

VERDICT: Revolving Commissions Is NOT a scam product. The product and idea is really unique. I will highly recommend it.


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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah
    January 16, 2012
    12:01 am

    I got this revolving commission thing today..using the credit card. Was little slow than I expected and faced some login issues for a minute but later I was able to access my members account…BTW, I also took those 2 upsells as I really found them great.

    Entered revolving commissions members area; – I was really happy to see the way blake barret and his team has set up everything for us. Te navigation was very clear and it took me just about 20-25 minutes to understand the whole idea behind it. I will agree what you said was really true. It is indeed a really unique idea on how you can make affiliate commissions by creating a social environment…I am just at the edge of starting it and will report my affiliate commissions in next 1-2 days.

    Thanks for providing this revolving commissions review whatever your name is 🙂

    • Sarah
      January 16, 2012
      8:33 pm

      As I told yesterday, I am going to update my comment. I am slowly picking up with this. It took me some time to setup revolving commissions but it was all good and sexyyy. On my first day, I have earned about $147.76 on clickbank and about $4.23 on adsense…Cool! I think it wil rise the next day… :love!

  2. Vicente Pajaro
    January 16, 2012
    9:55 am

    The questions is the traffic that will be given to me does that guarantee sales for me?

    • Sarah
      January 16, 2012
      8:38 pm

      i think vicente, just because of the commission kickstart upsell (the one that offers traffic to your site on monthly recurring); my sites were able to generate that kind of money I mentioned in my comment…

  3. Tim
    January 24, 2012
    3:01 pm

    Do you have to buy the upsells for this to work?

    • Reviewer
      January 24, 2012
      6:37 pm

      It’s not mandatory but its recommended..

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