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By Suzanne Fox On September 23, 2012 2 Comments

Jamie Shaw’s “AUTOMATED PAYDAYS” Review – Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home

Launch Date
: 24th September 2012
Official Website :
Created By : Jamie Shaw
Pricing : $39 with 2 upsells.

A Quick Overview At AUTOMATED PAYDAYS System :

AUTOMATED PAYDAYS REVIEW – Almost 7 days back; I managed to get automated payday system for $39. This has been developed by a group of several internet marketers like david sharpe, rob benwell and jamie shaw.

In this particular review, I am going to explain to you what is automated paydays ultimate phase exactly about and just how the automated paydays strategies will help someone find out the secrets behind making money from home. Let’s begin this review of automated paydays…

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By Suzanne Fox On July 22, 2012 No Comments

David Sharpe’s “THE INCOME FACTOR” Review – Learn Ways to Make Money Online

Product Name: The Income Factor Strategies
Launch Date
: 26th July 2012
Official Website :
Created By : David Sharpe, Rob Benwell and Jamie Shaw
Pricing : $49 with 2 upsells.

A Quick Overview At THE INCOME FACTOR System :

THE INCOME FACTOR REVIEW – Almost a week back; uhmmm…yeah, a week back, I got to try the income factor system for $49 as an early bird beta tester. It has been created by a team of various internet marketers like david sharpe, rob benwell and not to forget jamie shaw. In this review, I will show you what is income factor all about and how the income income factor strategies can help someone learn the secrets behind making money online. Let’s start this review of income factor…

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    There is a big myth or you can say misconception amongst newbies or those who are going to buy internet marketing products that if a product or offer has upsells or one time offers after buying the main product then it is a scam.

    The thing is, if these product owners put all those upsells and main product into one package and slap a big price tag to it, then it is not possible for everyone to buy such high priced products. I'm talking about price tags like $497, $997 and even $1,997!

    To solve this, product owners divide their products into several parts. Each part having its own significance and benefits to the front-end product which you buy for less than $50 these days. Now its your decision whether you can afford the upsells or not.

    So DO NOT consider the product scam if it has upsells or additional offers after you have brought the main product.