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David Sharpe’s “THE INCOME FACTOR” Review – Learn Ways to Make Money Online

Product Name: The Income Factor Strategies
Launch Date
: 26th July 2012
Official Website :
Created By : David Sharpe, Rob Benwell and Jamie Shaw
Pricing : $49 with 2 upsells.

A Quick Overview At THE INCOME FACTOR System :

THE INCOME FACTOR REVIEW – Almost a week back; uhmmm…yeah, a week back, I got to try the income factor system for $49 as an early bird beta tester. It has been created by a team of various internet marketers like david sharpe, rob benwell and not to forget jamie shaw. In this review, I will show you what is income factor all about and how the income income factor strategies can help someone learn the secrets behind making money online. Let’s start this review of income factor…

Once you buy the income factor course; you get access to the income factor members area and let me tell you guys; it is just awesome. I have never seen such a clean members area with SO MUCH to offer to the customer at just $49. They train you like anything and it looks like they REALLY want you to make money online anyhow. This course is for everyone i.e newbies, beginners and little advanced affiliate marketers. They are offering many things through their one-time membership cost. The Income Factor basically advises you to start a website, get traffic to that website and make money through it and they tell you in a great manner how to do it properly with many important strategies.

Here’s what they are offering inside members area:

The Income Factor

Getting Started

The Income Factor highly advises you have your own website to make money online. This is one of the most easiest way to learn and make money with if you do it right way. They give you great amount of training to do this in a proper way.

The Income Factor Getting Started Guides

Fast Cash Strategies

In this section you’ll find different strategies to make extra income online quickly.

These are separate to the main site building strategies on the Getting Started page, which they suggest you follow first. But you can add the things on this page to boost your income.

Remember that the very best way to build your income over time, is to build up your online empire. So once you have your main site, you can build more, or add things like your own report, squeeze pages etc to increase your results.

The Income Factor’s fast cash strategies on can be used hand in hand with your websites, others can be run as separate projects.

Core Strategies

Using the fast cash systems is great. We all love to earn some fast cash, but plan long term and you can earn MUCH more.

You need to have a plan. This section covers what they call the core system, in other words full business ideas. The things that take a little longer to set up and get going, but will pay off big time.

They have also included offline marketing guides, so if you are interested in direct mail or offline advertising, you’ll love this section.

Video Library

This is just great . I really wished to have a video library like this and the income factor made it come true. Here they offer you various videos related to learning internet marketing and 11 interviews of internet marketing legends in which they give you their golden secrets of making income online.

The Audio Library

Here you’ll find audios on a whole host of subjects. They’re great for playing in the background or grab a drink, chill out and learn, learn, learn!.

Some of these are complete sets, covering a subject in its entirety. Others will be short and sweet but everything here will increase your overall knowledge.

eBook Library

Here in the Library you’ll find various reports and guides. Some of them are small complete money making guides. Others cover a single topic, such as a certain traffic technique or perhaps a great keywords report.

There is a lot to learn when you’re new to making money online, but the best way to start is to go through one thing at a time and start to practice and implement what you have learned.

You can always improve your knowledge on things like keywords, copywriting and SEO, so they are subjects you should read up on regularly.

So when you feel like having a browse but want a break from the Getting Started guides, you can pop in here and grab a good read.

Timesaving Tools

There are many things you need for success online. Yes, you’ll need a website or websites, but in this section you’ll find the shall we say, “bits and bobs” that make a big difference in helping you move forward quickly.

Articles for instance. You may wish to use articles as content on your blog, submit to article directories, help write your autoresponder messages, group together to form short reports or even ebooks.

You’ll find tens of thousands of articles here on all different subjects. Make sure you re-write them a little before you use them. They really speed things up for you.

Depending on what you want to set up you may need website templates, squeeze/opt-in templates, articles, graphics, maybe even music clips to use in your videos.

They’re all here.

Then of course they have links to free and paid tools they think you’ll benefit from. Obviously they will suggest free where it’s available.

Your Resell Products

On this page you’ll find lots of resell and PLR (Private label rights) products. You can use these to sell and keep all the profits. Some come complete with a salespage and even an affiliate resource page!

They’ve tried to add a variety in here so you can find things for various niches and subjects.

If you’re going to make the most of these PLR and resell products it may be a good idea to read a guide or two on how to use them effectively.

WordPress Essentials

WordPress is the website platform I almost always use for my sites.

  • It’s free to use
  • It’s very easy to set up
  • There are loads of amazing plug-ins to add extra functionality
  • There are literally thousands of free themes to use
  • You can get it looking and functioning however you want

This section is dedicated to all things WordPress, so make sure you work through all of it.

Traffic Library

Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business. You can Build the most beautiful, best functioning site, but without visitors you won’t make a penny.

The best ways to get visitors are all here. Some of them they will be explaining to you and they have also found some great instructions from other marketers to include in this collection.


income factor package

Personally, I really liked everything they are offering at a nominal cost of $49. Worth every penny and definitely not a scam. Haven’t seen anything like this being offered before and so my rating for the income factor system is 4.85/5 – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

There are 2 upsells only for “the income factor”. These upsells are presented to you once you buy the main product. You get the choice to either buy them or deny them. Buying them will certainly mean more success and time conservation. Denying them could possibly slow down your results but that doesn’t means you HAVE to buy them; only if your pocket can afford it – buy it otherwise you can deny the income factor upsells. So, here are the upsells:

  • The Income Factor – Niche Blog Package – You get 20 custom made ready to convert niche websites. These are not some ordinary kind of affiliate websites. These websites were designed keeping one thing in mind – to make money i.e get highest possible conversions. The cost of this upsell is just $297 and I think it is worth the price. It will cost you about $2000 if you hire freelancers to prepare such websites but not you can get these websites for a nominal price of $297. I  am going to say that you should consider buying this upsell.
  • The Income Factor – Mega Traffic Package – As the name says; it is a MEGA package on the topic of traffic generation. You will get numerous amount of videos and training material which teaches you various methods of traffic  generation.And the price justifies it. It is only $197 – If you don’t know how to generate traffic then this is a must buy!

:: More Information On THE INCOME FACTOR Training :::

To know more about THE INCOME FACTOR Strategies , please visit THIS SPECIAL PAGE OF THE INCOME FACTORS.

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