Tim Atkinson’s FB AD CLONE Review – WARNING! A SCAM?

By Suzanne Fox On Jul 2012 Under Internet Business, Internet Marketing, Making Money Online

Tim Atkinson’s FB AD CLONE Review – Learn Facebook Marketing to Click Clone Cash

Product Name: FB Ad Clone V2.0 – 2012 FB PPC Training with revolutionary software
Launch Date
: 5th July 2012
Official Website : http://fbadclone.com
Created By : Tim Atkinson
Pricing : $47 with 1 upsell.

A Quick Overview At FB Ad Clone Software v2.0 :

FB AD CLONE REVIEW – About a week back, I bought this fb ad clone software created by tim atkinson and a bulgarian programmer named svend who is originally from denmark according to the sales video, for $47 and there was just one upsell which I bought after it was presented in front of me. It was not mandatory to buy this upsell but to make this system work to the fullest for me with best possible results; I took this upsell.

If you are wondering, who is tim atkinson? then let me tell you quickly that he is a well known internet marketer and copywriter. He has been doing great job in teaching people how to make money online from past many years with some great product launches in past by him. He is a well known guy on warriorforum also.

Talking about the main product first; once you buy it, you are given your login access to fb ad clone members area and the software which is completely web based so you don’t have to worry about it not running on your computer.

The FB Ad Clone members area is FLOODED WITH LOTS & LOTS OF TRAINING. This training is really worth every penny you have paid to get access. It will master you in facebook marketing. Let me show you the members area of fbadclone v 2.0 so that you can get a closer look of inside and that my review is genuine…

FB AD Clone .

The whole training is divided into 6 segments with over 30 hrs. in training plus their are some additional bonuses. Here is a breakdown of the content:

  • 1. Create FB Ad Account
  • 2. FB Ad Walkthrough
  • 3. Tim’s Quick Start
    • Creating Ads & Guidelines
    • Ad Targeting
    • Spreading Your Web
    • Landing Page & Funnels
    • Ad Image 101
    • Bonuses
  • 4. Jameson’s Quick Start
    • Niche Training
    • Demographics
    • Deep Targeting
    • Ads Training
    • Lead Gen Mastery
    • Viral Management
  • 5. Core Fb Training
    • FB Fanpage Training
    • Ads To Fanpages
    • Facebook Ad Coupons
    • FB CPA Training
    • Ads To External Links
    • FB App Training
    • Ads To Apps
  • 6. AdClone Software Training
    • Quick Start Training
    • AdClone Tutorials

So that’s about the training. Now let’s talk about the fb ad clone software and what is there in version 2.0 to click cash clone… Here’s a quick look of the software:

FB Ad Clone Software

The software is really nice and has no bugs at the moment. As I told you earlier in this review, I tested this software for about an hour and results after using it were just great. What this software does basically is that is scrapes facebook’s advertising platform legally and finds all the wining campaigns with their niche, keywords, ad copy and exact image. You can easily find out from the screenshot about regarding what it does. So no need to mention that all again.

There is only one upsell to fb adclone which is FB Ad Clone Extreme – Done for you campaigns and it will cost you $297 to get this. This gives you access to ready-made campaigns you can use to make money online with affiliate marketing. You must get this upsell guys to save your time and research. Really worth the money.

VERDICT: FB Ad Clone really stands out. It is not a scam and has got fantastic things to offer in terms of training and the software. This can really help someone make money online even at newbie level though you will need a good grasping power. My rating for FB Ad Clone is 4.61/5 and I will recommend it to buy this.

If you have any questions regarding fb ad clone then just comment below and wait for my answer to it.

::: More Information On FB Ad Clone :::

To know more about FB AD Clone v 2.0, please visit THIS SPECIAL PAGE OF FBAdClone.

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  1. Derek
    July 8, 2012
    2:16 am

    Hi Suzanne, thank you for a very insightful review. Have you made money from this product? What kind of budget do you require for advertising on facebook, because facebook advertising charges are known to be very expensive ?

    • Suzanne Fox
      July 8, 2012
      9:37 pm

      You will need some budget for advertising on Facebook but you can also utilize Facebook fan pages or profilew to promote products which is free of cost. You can also buy Facebook ad coupons online which are worth $50 or so for only $7 or so. It is really not that expensive when you consider the output from these ads.

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    There is a big myth or you can say misconception amongst newbies or those who are going to buy internet marketing products that if a product or offer has upsells or one time offers after buying the main product then it is a scam.

    The thing is, if these product owners put all those upsells and main product into one package and slap a big price tag to it, then it is not possible for everyone to buy such high priced products. I'm talking about price tags like $497, $997 and even $1,997!

    To solve this, product owners divide their products into several parts. Each part having its own significance and benefits to the front-end product which you buy for less than $50 these days. Now its your decision whether you can afford the upsells or not.

    So DO NOT consider the product scam if it has upsells or additional offers after you have brought the main product.