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Anyone who is thinking about using Dr. Noel Swanson’s Unique Article Wizard service and they are on the fence about using it, get off of the fence.

If you are a true Internet marketer who is hoping to make a long term living off of the Internet, then Unique Article Wizard is a weapon you cannot afford to be without. UAW is by far the best service I have used to help me with backlink generation when I am trying to get articles to rank and that’s why I’m here to give you my honest unique article wizard review today.

Believe me, I have tried many different services on the net, and nothing has produced for me the positive results I have gotten from UAW.  I have tried Article Marketing Robot, SENuke, Magic Submitter, and Sick Submitter. I have seen that UAW is far more reliable than these services and products. UAW produced for me far more backlinks, and the backlinks actually got indexed.

The backlinks I build stick, so I do not have to worry about losing rankings. After using it for a while I can see why it is so effective and why it was able to keep working even after the Panda update Google had. I want to talk about some of the features that UAW has in this review of unique article wizard and what separates it from other software or services you might be thinking about using.


Unique Article Wizard Is A Web Based Service And It Is Monitored By Real People

Unique Article WizardI believe that one of the biggest differences between UAW and other services is the fact that it is not 100% automated. Software programs that are automated allow for marketers to submit very low quality content across the internet. What is worse is it creates duplicates across networks. Those networks basically become garbage and will end up being de-indexed by Google. My backlinks would disappear in this case.

I do not want my main money websites being hurt by this, especially when I work so hard to maintain them. When I submit articles through Unique Article Wizard they are moderated by actual people before they are allowed to be sent out there to the different networks and article directories. Since I have been using the service I have not seen any significant loss in backlinks, not even after the big Panda update Google did.

The staff at Unique Article Wizard were also very helpful when it came to creating accounts for me. I did not have to go through a long process like I might for another service. I was able to use as many pen names as I wanted instead of being limited as well.

I liked the fact that Unique Article Wizard is a web based application, meaning that I do not have to worry about running software from my computer, or having to rent a VPS just to get the software up and going. All I had to do was long in, add my articles, and then submit them. I saw that there were many different techniques I could be using in order to get the most out of the backlinks I was creating.

What I like about UAW is that it only submits unique versions of an article, and it makes doing thing very simple. I did not have to use any special spintax in order to spin an article either. I could simply submit different versions of an article with the same number of paragraphs with at least six paragraphs.

The system will then rotate these for me and mix up the paragraphs to submit a unique version. This way I do not have to worry about a duplicate going to a directory.

I also had the option of submitting versions of my articles in spintax format. When it is done this way my articles will be more unique and this means I will be able to get more backlinks. I can add multiple titles, keywords and even resource boxes in order to increase the overall uniqueness of my articles.

With UAW I am able to set the number of submissions I want to do each day. UAW recommends that 50 be submitted per day, but you can do more.

Features Of Using UAW

Unique Article Wizard comes with the option to add videos to your marketing campaigns. You can add a short code to automatically put a video in from any website around the internet. This can be used to create videos on YouTube first that is targeted with the right keywords. Then there can be a link back to my main money site. UAW also allows you to embed images and audio.

These features are important, because they will help to add to the uniqueness of content and it will cut down any footprint that Google might spot. Also, by embedding a video it will also help to increase the videos popularity within the video sharing website it is on and in organic listings.

Unique Article Wizard gives my daily updates on all of my article submissions. Daily you will get a report of all of the URLs leading to where the content is being published. They come in HTML and Text format. This makes it really simple to ping the URLs in order to make sure they get found by Google. There is no limit to the number of articles you will be able to have submitted nor is there a limit to the number of campaigns you can run at one time.

People who decide to use UAW can even take advantage of their unique plugin feature. This allows people to add a website or a blog to the system. Once the plugin has been added UAW will drip feed unique content to the website. This is good for creating adsense websites or niche content websites.


I have heard a lot of people argue that other services are better. After I used UAW I can definitely say that it is better. It cost unique article wizard$67 per month, and it is well worth the price. Trust me when I tell you that I would not be using it nor would anyone else if it were not deadly effective.

I hear a lot of negative remarks about UAW but I really think those people are not using the system correctly. There is no way I would pay $67 per month if it were not working. Unique Article Wizard Discount? Well you won’t be able to find any because the company never released a coupon code.

Unique Article Wizard is still effective even after Google Panda and Penguin updates which recently destroyed most of the article blog networks but uniquearticlewizard is a very huge network which wasn’t impacted that much like others because all these blogs are owned by users themselves and new blogs are added regularly in hundreds every week by other people so this network is evergreen and you get to place your article for backlinks on new domains from time to time.

My rating for unique article wizard is 4 out of 5.



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