Wall Street Cloner Review by Max Michaels – Cloner? SCAM?!

By Suzanne Fox On Jun 2011 Under Making Money Online

Max Michaels Wall Street Cloner Review – Learn How To Trade On Wall Street

Product Name: Wall Street Cloner | WallStreet Cloner | WallStreetCloner
Launch Date
: 20th June 2011
Official Website : http://www.wallstreetcloner.com
Created By : Max Michaels
Pricing : $49/mo with 3 upsells

A Quick Overview At Wall Street Cloner :

Forex Trading is such a thing which can help you make BIG money or make you lose BIG money. Unless you have a proper forex trading plan and access to correct forex trading signals, you should never think of entering into forex trading. I have done forex trading couple of times till now through eToro forex trading platform (highly recommended) and have fortunately remained in profit. Recently, I tried max michaels wall street cloner forex trading robot software to see how it helps in forex trading and I was shocked! And that’s why today, I am sharing with you my EXCLUSIVE wall street cloner software review…

The Wall Street Cloner software has been brought by max michaels. If you are thinking who is max michaels then let me tell you that is making enormous money with forex trading in which his software helps him a lot.

Wall Street Cloner software gives forex signals from real human traders. According to me, there is really no substitute for a real trading brain to make bucketloads of cash in forex. I installed this software on my windows XP PC, and it ran flawlessly. There were absolutely no bugs. I also tried to implement their forex signals and was successful in a way. Here are some EXCLUSIVE pictures of wall street cloner software:
wall street cloner



The great thing I want to say about wall street cloner forex trading software that they have an actual professional trader sending the signals, a guy that really does make a LOT of money trading forex and not some automated robot who sends signals which many times are false making traders lose money. You don’t need forex knowledge, technical expertise or big forex deposit to use wall street cloning software.

I was very pleased indeed when I saw the accuracy of their signals. They have also got extra support staff and they solved my queries within 3-4 hrs. of sending them an email.

The bottom line is that wall street cloner is an ultra high quality signal service and have got a superb members area. I would easily rate wall street cloner at 4.46/5

The main product which is the wall street cloner software costs $49/mo. and I really liked it a lot that I am going to stick with it for some months. But other than that, there are some upsells i.e extra products being offered by them which you should consider. Here are the 3 upsells of wallstreetscloner signal software:

  • WallStreetCloner Automation Software – This upsell which is called the wall street cloner automation software cost $147 one time and it simply automates everything for you so you can enjoy your life with your family and let this forex automation software do the proper trading for you increasing your bank balance. I will highly recommend it.
  • WallStreetCloner Scalping Signals – Now this is something I seriously loved the most. This thing costs $297 one-time. It literally maximized my earnings that I was making with the basic membership of wall street cloner. Wall Street Cloner is Amazingly powerful but here’s is something that is going to catapult your earnings even further. I would say you should not miss it because there are limited copies of this.
  • Wall Street Cloner Email Signals – Simply said, it send forex trading signals directly to your email instead of you opening the software everytime you want to do forex trading. It costs $29/mo. Decide yourself whether you need a service like this.

Overall, wall street cloner signal service is really good. You are not forced to take upsells, just wanted you to make a note of that. Though, I would highly recommend the wall street cloner scalper and also the automation software for a proper success in forex trading.

:: More Information On Wall Street Cloner :::

To know more about Wall Street Cloner, please visit THIS SPECIAL PAGE OF Wall Street Cloner.


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    There is a big myth or you can say misconception amongst newbies or those who are going to buy internet marketing products that if a product or offer has upsells or one time offers after buying the main product then it is a scam.

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