Xtreme Paydays REVIEW by Jonathan Simpson – OMG! A SCAM?

By Suzanne Fox On Sep 2011 Under Internet Business, Internet Marketing, Making Money Online

 Jonathan Simpson Xtreme Paydays Review – Learn How To Earn Xtreme Paydays

Product Name: Xtreme Paydays | XtremePaydays
Launch Date
: 12th September 2011
Official Website : http://www.xtremepaydays.com
Created By : Jonathan Simpson (John Simpson)
Pricing : $49

A Quick Overview At Xtreme Paydays :

Today, I purchased this xtreme paydays automated software from jonathan simpson through clickbank for a cost of $49. I was very excited to try this after watching the sales video and how jonathan made so much money with this. Hence, I am now ready t0 share with you my honest and unbiased xtreme paydays review.xtreme paydays

Xtreme Paydays is all about Email Marketing. And How you can make money with an email list.

Xtreme Paydays is a great affiliate marketing software according to me. When I entered the members area, I immediately downloaded the xtreme paydays automated software. There was also some training material included in this that taught how to use this and make money online. The idea behind the xtremepaydays automated software was really simple and easy to understand which is sure to make anyone a lot of money.xtreme paydays

It’s about list building and building profitable niche website. List Building is very important and having a profitable-high traffic website is necessary to build a huge email subscribers list. This is where xtreme paydays app will help you and will also help to bring targetted traffic.. After using it for 2 days continuously, I made a total of $698.67

xtreme paydays

The members area consists of software download, a bonus seo software, and 5 phase of video training.

xtreme paydays.

Overall, I found xtreme paydays really good as it does what is says. The claims are true and xtreme paydays scam is a myth. I will give the xtreme paydays main software a rating of 4.28/5

Moving on; I would also like to mention the upsells which were offered to me during the sales process just like it is suggested to anyone who visits at Mc.Donalds or KFC. I would highly recommend you to buy these upsells if its under your control because it really helps in making more money after learning and using these products that are sold as upsells…Here are the xtreme paydays upsells:

1. Xtreme Cash Club – By purchasing this, you get *unlimited access* to the elite super affiliates club and learn one-on-one the secrets to 7 figures commissions. You can pay a one-time fee for this or choose the monthly payment option. Recommended.

xtreme paydays Personal email address for all the assistance and insight you’ll need in setting up that first big score.
xtreme paydays A “training partner” – an IM marketer who makes around six figures a month just on Clickbank.
xtreme paydays Email mentoring to blast you out of the IM blocks into upper level marketing.
xtreme paydays VIP access to a monthly Q & A session held by myself.
xtreme paydays Updates each week on the campaigns he is engaged with. When he win, you win. (And he always win!)
xtreme paydays An open window on his marketing life—watch and learn from hiselite moves.

Trader Surprise Bonuses: Everyday, other heavy-hitters in the affiliate marketing industry call him up and offer him the first-look on some amazing systems, guides, and strategies. He’ll pass these along to you for review. This privileged access alone is probably worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you.

2. XP Cash Cloners – The Xtreme Paydays cash cloners is a highly recommended thing. You get unlimited access to jonathan simpson’s *ready to cash* campaigns that he have created. You just have to copy-paste them and the money will start coming in your bank account if you replicate it properly.

3. Xtreme Paydays Advanced Version – This is the final upsell and it adds more power to the main software. It’s so affordable that I will highly recommend you this one too. With this, you get unlimited access to the advanced version of Xtreme Paydays for bigger and faster profits.

xtreme paydays

xtreme paydays Improves Xtreme affiliate paydays by a shocking 75%
xtreme paydays Generates even more targeted buyers in half the time
xtreme paydays Better quality of buyers willing to spend even more with you
xtreme paydays Advantage over the other Xtreme Payday users
xtreme paydays Seperates the browsers from the actual buyers
xtreme paydays Highly effect to run with the XP Cash Cloners
xtreme paydays Gives you a competitive edge over other affiliate marketers
xtreme paydays Easy to install and will have you up and running in no time



Overall, xtreme paydays is not a scam and is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED thing from me if you want to make money online. Any questions after reading this xtreme paydays review are welcomed. Just use the comment form below to ask questions about xtremepaydays.

NOTE: In this xtreme paydays review, ‘software’ refers to a wordpress plugin. So, xtreme paydays is basically a wordpress plugin.

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xtreme paydays

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Matej
    September 12, 2011
    11:52 pm

    How much more money do you need to invest to actually get anything out of this? I saw him using aweber in his video. Only that costs 20$ a month. So before I’m willing to even try that would be a good question to answer.


    • Reviewer
      September 13, 2011
      12:04 am

      Thanks for questioning this Matej. On the extra side, you will need an autoresponder. I think aweber is little expensive in the industry. A similar one which I am using and will recommend you if you buy xtreme paydays would be GetResponse: http://www.improductreviewed.com/go/getresponse/

      Other than that, you need your own web hosting and a domain name which is a common and obvious thing required to run any internet business. For web-hosting, I would recommend HostGator. Use the coupon code: WINTERDEAL to get GREAT discount. – http://www.improductreviewed.com/go/hostgator

      Hope that solves your question.

  2. Christine
    September 13, 2011
    12:53 am

    Could you tell me where the email list comes from to send the emails. Or is it just not suitable for someone without a list.


    • Reviewer
      September 13, 2011
      1:04 am

      Your email list will be built from the free targeted traffic that will come through search engines.

  3. Matej
    September 13, 2011
    2:06 am

    So basically even if I stick to aweber I got everything I need already. I have a page with hostgator. Is that really it? Cause I’m running several list building site on free option just to see if you can get anything out of them. And the list just doesn’t build itself. I see that people that talk of software in their videos are not really selling software so is that more like an instruction how to do stuff or is it an actual software?

    • Reviewer
      September 13, 2011
      6:26 pm

      Hello again,

      This is not a ‘software’ actually, it is a wordpress plugin and that is what you are going to install on your wordpress blog. I have now added it as a note at the end of the review. You get full video training on how to use this wordpress plugin too.

      This wordpress plugin is compantible with aweber, getresponse and icontact. So your aweber account will be fine with this.

  4. danny
    September 13, 2011
    3:03 am

    i already have a website set up with intuit web sites. will this product get ppl to my site as well

    • Reviewer
      September 13, 2011
      6:27 pm

      Yes, it will! Based on your niche and keywords selection plus the squeeze page offer; the results will vary.

  5. Shekar
    September 13, 2011
    1:38 pm

    How much the further upsells will costs totally including everything you suggested above, and how many days you honestly feel a person will start encashing from this software. the E mail list is provided by the Author or we have to generate on our own ?

    • Reviewer
      September 13, 2011
      6:29 pm

      You will be building your OWN email list of subscribers. They aren’t selling any email list nor any autoresponder (the good one’s) supports/encourages it. So you will be basically building a fresh subscribers list using xtreme paydays.

      I have no idea how much time it will take YOU to make money with it. Even if you buy all the upsells, I can’t say that…Because results vary in the game of internet business game.

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    There is a big myth or you can say misconception amongst newbies or those who are going to buy internet marketing products that if a product or offer has upsells or one time offers after buying the main product then it is a scam.

    The thing is, if these product owners put all those upsells and main product into one package and slap a big price tag to it, then it is not possible for everyone to buy such high priced products. I'm talking about price tags like $497, $997 and even $1,997!

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